HP retirees compromised by notebook theft

March 22, 2006

By Inquirer staff


Individuals in HP sponsored retirement plans as well as former employees of firms it took over have been told that a theft of a notebook containing personal information needs to be taken seriously.

Immediately the theft, which happened on March 15th, was discovered, the law was informed. The retired folk were told in a letter that the laptop included a number of personal details relating to former employees.

But they have been re-assured that there's no evidence as yet the information has been misused.

The old folk have been told that they may be required to provide additional information to verify their identities.

The former employees have also been told to remain vigilant for the next 12 to 24 months, and have been provided with a reference guide to guard against identity theft.

It's all a little worrying, isn't it? We guess modern laptops have big enough hard drives to contain loads of data on people.

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