Former GM Security Guard Arrested for Identity Theft

March 14, 2006

By Kimberly Craig,2132,WXYZ_15924_4540530,00.html

100 GM employees became victims of identity theft, after a former GM security guard stole their social security numbers and used the information to send harassing email.

Investigators said James Green II was fired in the '80s, but held on to a list of employee names and their social security numbers. Using the stolen information, Green had hacked into a GM employee website.

Macomb County Sheriff's Capt. Anthony Wickersham said, "There is a General Motors website out there that employees can go to and find out information, but you could only get into it if you had social security numbers. And he still had over a hundred or so social security numbers. So he was getting into the system and getting into the account information and finding out what kind of vehicles they were driving and then emailing them."

"What was brought to our attention was that employees from GM were getting these emails from different accounts asking them quality assurance questions, how their car is and the color, but it was coming from an account that wasn't generated from General Motors," said Capt. Wickersham.

Green has been arraigned on identity theft crimes and was being held on bond.

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