Bank Reissuing Credit Cards, Citing Security Breach

February 6, 2006

INDIANAPOLIS -- Regions Bank is canceling the credit cards of 100,000 of its customers in 15 states -- including Indiana -- saying a separate company put their credit information at risk.

Regions said the security breach involves a company that processes credit and debit cards nationwide.

The bank, which says it was not responsible for the problem, will issue new credit cards to its customers soon, Call 6 for Help's Rafael Sanchez reported Monday.

"Many times when this happens, there is no impact whatsoever, but we just decided to take the extra precaution," said John Kinman, Regions Bank senior vice president.

Information on how the breach happened and the extent of the risk wasn't known, Sanchez reported.

The credit-card processing company works for other banks, so it is possible that other banks will take the type of action that Regions is taking, Sanchez reported.

Regions sent letters to all affected customers.

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