Phila. Police Seek Man in Bank Computer Theft

December 3, 2005

By Tony Hanson, KYW

Authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying a man who allegedly stole a First Trust Bank laptop computer with personal information on thousands of current and former customers.

The theft occurred in Northeast Philadelphia on November 9th.

First Trust has notified customers of the theft.

The laptop contained account information and social security numbers, but both the bank and police say there's no evidence yet any of the personal information in the password-protected computer has been retrieved or misused.

Philadelphia police captain Jack McGinnis says the alleged thief (above right) was caught on bank surviellance, and he's hoping someone will identify him:

"If we can talk to the individual who stole the computer, we can find out where the computer went, whether the people's identities are in danger of being compromised. Or did he just take it and use it as a laptop computer for himself at home? And that would be a best-case scenario."

Capt. McGinnis says the man talked his way past a security guard, claiming he was there to clean.

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