Community college posted personal information, warns students

December 8, 2005


RICHMOND, Va. Officials at J-Sargeant Reynolds Community College are warning more than 26-thousand community students to guard against identity theft after their personal information was posted on the Internet for months. The personal information -- names, Social Security numbers and addresses -- was from students who took noncredit classes at the Richmond-area school from 2000 to 2003.

Malcolm Holmes, the college's director of marketing and public relations, says the information was compiled for a mailing list and an employee posted it on the college's Web server.

A student made the discovery after he found the information through a search engine.

Holmes said the college contacted Google and believed the company was removing copies of the information from its servers, but heard from another student last month who found the information on the Internet.

Holmes says they've gotten NO reports of identity theft.

College President Gary Rhodes notified students of the problem last week and said the information was posted on the college's server "inadvertently and in violation of college policy."

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