CAL STATE Dominguez Hills Discovers Illegal Access to desktop computers

July 28, 2005

Pamela Hammond

CARSON, CA: While troubleshooting a technical problem on a staff workstation at California State University, Dominguez Hills, a technician from the Network Security Office discovered unauthorized and illegal access to the computer at a workstation. Some files on this workstation included personal information, such as name and social security number, which is used for business operations.

Subsequently, two more computers in the office were found to be compromised. After a thorough analysis, it was determined a total of 9,613 student files were accessible. There is no evidence indicating the cyber intruders accessed the personal information or will use it for identity theft. However, each student whose information was accessible to the intruder is being notified by mail, as required by California Code 1798.29. The University is providing limited logistical information to the students for them to pursue if they choose.

The main student records database was not compromised, which contains information on student transcripts and class schedule.

“Computer security is a high priority on our campus,” said CSUDH Associate Vice President of Information technology Min Yao. “We have taken several preventive measures to increase security and will continue to do so in order to keep pace with any new threats that emerge in the future.”

For additional assistance, students are asked to leave a message in the voice mail box at (310) 243-2305. Also/or, they may fill out an inquiry form at

Pamela Hammond Executive Director University Communications & Public Affairs Welch Hall, B-363 310 243-2001

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