Theft of a Notebook Computer Containing Customer Information

April 25, 2005

A notebook computer containing information (including customer information) on system maintenance received by NTT DATA Corporation ("NTT DATA") on consignment from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation ("NTT West") has been stolen from the home of an employee of NTT DATA.

We apologize profoundly for the great inconvenience and worry caused to everyone concerned as a result of this theft of important customer information.

1. Outline of incident
On April 14, the home of an employee of NTT DATA was broken into and a notebook computer provided to the employee by NTT DATA was stolen. The stolen notebook computer contained customer information related to the preparation of a database of NTT West's Internet-related products. This customer information consisted of names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses. It did not include bank account numbers provided for payment by direct debit.

2. Number of items of customer information stolen
Information concerning a total of 2,146 customers was stolen. Some of these consisted only of customers' telephone numbers.

3. Response to customers
Letters of apology explaining and expressing deep regret will be sent immediately from NTT West to each of the customers concerned. The contact number for customer inquiries concerning this incident is 0120-637346 (from April 26, 9:00a.m. E9:00p.m.).

4. Measures to prevent reoccurrence
NTT DATA has always instructed its employees to follow the company's rules and guidelines, but from now on we will strengthen customer information management through even stricter enforcement of existing measures such as prohibiting the removal of personal computers from appointed places of operation, computer data encoding, etc.

5. Strengthening of instruction at NTT West
NTT West has always provided guidance on the thorough management of customer information by companies to which it consigns work. From now on, it will strengthen instruction on customer information management through measures such as training meetings for management supervisors and regular inspections at these companies.

6. Other matters
* A report of the damage has been submitted to the police, but the stolen articles have not yet been found. No improper use, etc. of the information has been confirmed. * The stolen computer is protected with a password and security measures, etc.

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