From: anon
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 20:00:14 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Hurray -- and words of caution (fwd)


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Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 09:30:08 -0700
From: Carolyn Meinel (
To: Bronc )
Subject: Hurray -- and words of caution

Hurray for you!  When it comes to letting the Chinese get to the real
Internet despite the Great Firewall of China, I am all for what you are
doing.  However, let me emphasize, don't ever admit to committing any kind
of crime.  The Administration is owned (thanks to illegal campaign
contributions) by China.

Now please hear me out.  You are in far more serious danger from jericho and
Modify that you ever were before.  They appear to have been recruited by a
"counter-subversive" operation the Feds have been running since 1996 through
Fred J. Villella.  Below is a sampling of news items from Villella's
history. Remember Iran/Contra?  That was the tip of the iceberg.  The Senate
hearings went black when they got into the topic of FEMA (Federal Emergency
Management Agency) and Fred's operation inside FEMA.  Basically what Fred
personally did was set up plans to arbitrarily round up and detain tens of
thousands of suspected subversives in the event of a national emergency.
Congress did reveal that Fred's group (which worked closely with Oliver
North) also had a written plan for Presidential succession that conflicted
with what was in the Constitution.  Did you ever read about how when Reagan
was shot, the Secretary of State Gen. Al Haig got on TV and told the nation
he was in charge, and next in succession after the VP?  Get the picture? 

Check out Fred's Web site ( and his "instructors."
Since 1996 they have included Se7en (Chris Valor) and Pete Shipley, who run
the DC-Stuff list, and Michael Schiffman (Route) who runs Phrack.
Villella's operatives now include jericho (Brian Martin) and Modify.  Fred
is operating primarily on Federal contracts.  Oh, yes, Schwartau is
intimately associated with Fred.  Does this paint a picture for you?  DO NOT

You are their worst nightmare, Bronc.  You are the first hacker in history
to come out in the open and fight for real freedom.  They -- the Villelas,
the jerichos, the Oliver Norths, the Gen. Haigs -- want to control the
world.  You want to give people freedom.

Your greatest security is publicity!  If you are prominent enough, they will
not dare cause you to appear to have committed suicide or had a fatal
accident. Would you like an agent who can help make this happen?  I'm
thinking of the ICM agency, they handle book deals, TV, and movies.  Say the
word and I think I can get one for you.  As always, I would be honored if I
could chronicle as much of your story as can be safely told, but it's fine
with me if you work with someone else.  The important thing is to get you
too prominent, and with too many powerful allies, for the spooks to shut you

Carolyn Meinel
M/B Research