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                        Hacker Blues

You mail me with bizarre requests...

You message me on IRC with stupid questions...

You ask me questions when the answers are flashing in front of you...

And you dare to call yourself a hacker by any definition of the word.

Instead of having a baseline of respect, instead of learning more about
the person you ask questions of, you quickly denounce me as a lamer for
not giving you everything on a silver platter. The first time I don't
give you a full dissertation on why Windows95 can't spoof like a *nix box
can, you call me a fake and try to flood me.

You ask me how to get free soda from coke machines...

You ask me how to get free cable and adult channels...

You ask me how to pirate video tapes or make fake IDs...

When I politely tell you that I can't help you, you call me a fake. A
wannabe. A loser. Someone who doesn't know anything. You say I shouldn't
run Windows and laugh at me. I ignore you and log into another one of my
Sparcs. I begin a new compile for the latest version of SSH and glance
back to my IRC window. There you are again, unable to take the hint.

You ask me for exploits to operating systems you can't use...

You ask me for PBX information but don't know what it stands for...

You ask me for credit card generators that haven't been practical for years...

I have been here for almost a decade. Some months I am not right here, but I 
am always around. I am on IRC to chat with my friends, not hold your hand.
I prefer to stay on a few channels to talk with groups of friends. You join
uninvited, don't bother to see who is here, interrupt our conversation, and
yet I am the dickhead for ignoring you.

You call me a loser for being on IRC.. by messaging me on IRC...

You insult my mom because I don't care to decipher your cryptic requests...

You try to flood me because I don't want you on my channel...

Why can't you see how pathetic you are? Hiding behind 'elite' nicknames that
are the result of sticky shift keys. Giving me shit from your AOL and
Compuserve accounts. You mail me and whine because I deny you from my 
FTP site. You act like it is your right to access my private system, to use
my bandwidth, my CPU time. The thought of passively watching and reading
lost to you.

You go so far as to threaten my life over a bunch of 1s and 0s...

You threaten to ruin my credit and disconnect my phones...

You say you will hack my system and 'rm' it for being mean to you...

And you wonder why I get so disgusted at people like you? You don't
know what things like "local loop", "ESS", or "RCMAC" are, yet you
think for two seconds you can disconnect my phone? Companies like
TRW, CBI, and Equifax are foreign to you, and you think you can
ruin my credit? You portscan my system and have to message me asking
what some of my services are, and you think you can 'rm' my system?

You quote articles I wrote to me trying to look more intelligent...

You tell me to go read the files on a website.. that i created...

You tell me to check out the files on some server.. that i run...

And after all this, I am still the 'lamer'. I have no life and no
clue about how things work. I sit on IRC 24 hours a day. My parents
weren't married when I was born. I am 14 years old, 5'0", 310 pounds.
I have no social life, never go outside, and get beat up in school.
Or at least.. that is how I must be according to the rest of you.

When are you going to wake up and realize that ankle biters like
you are nothing in this world. You can't even get respect in an online
world that basically accepts everyone as equals. You get banned from
channels run by newbies, because they are willing to sit patiently
and learn, while you are running around yelling about how "eleet" you

Your third grade antics give the rest of us a bad name. You do nothing
productive for the scene, online community, me, and worst of all, you
do nothing for yourself. What does it take to teach people like you
a lesson? How can people like me help you with technical information
when you need help in so many other areas? Why do you live for strife
while claiming to be seeking information? Why can't you see what
is going on? Why do you refuse ANY help for ANY reason? Isn't this
all about learning and helping one another? Why?!

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