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                        Goth, Hat, and Tie

It occurred to me today, and yesterday, and the day before.. that a lot
of little things go on in our lives and we have no fucking clue why.
Is there any logic to the moments of madness in our lives? Or maybe I
should qualify that. In particular I am talking about little things
like clothing, custom, etiquette, or 'society norms'. I know I have
touched on a few of these in the past, but I think that put together,
you may question a lot about your daily activities. Especially
if you work, and even better, if you work 'normal' hours.

When I go to work I have to do a few things that seem absurd. Not only
because I personally don't like to do them, but because I can't figure
out the true logic behind them. Sure, my boss says 'our customers do
it or expect it'. Gee fucking wiz, they are living the same demented
lives without logic or reason, just like us. Two stupids don't make
a right.

First off, I shave. It has been custom for how many years that people
in a so called professional environment should be either clean shaven
or have a full beard (or mustache). Think about it, the two extremes
of facial hair are 'good', while having a light beard is 'bad'. It used
to be that long unruly beards were the norm, but now short well kept
beards are. What's the difference? As long as it is well kept (not
going down and meeting with the chest hair), and at any length (not
to exceed 'unruly'), what does it matter?

Next thing I do is put on work clothes. Sure, I will go ahead and agree
that nice pressed pants and nice pressed shirt are aesthetically
pleasing, especially when the entire office dresses that way, but
I do draw the line at the tie. The tie is the most ridiculous piece
of clothing a person can put on. Aside from hanging a noose around
your neck, do you know why a tie is part of tradition? I found out
and laughed. The tie is worn to cover the buttons on your shirt.
The buttons on your standard white dress shirt are near invisible as
is. Aside from that, follow this login: a dress shirt has buttons
which aren't pleasing to the eye (*cough*), so we put a tie around
your neck to hide them. Yet if we wear a nice white tee-shirt, that
isn't dressed up.

Of course all this is more absurd since I don't deal with customers
on the average day. So now our office is dressing up, even when not
needed, despite not seeing a customer, all on the whim of one
conservative director. Oh yeah.

So I am driving home and notice another annoying trend. Cowboy hats.
It's dark out, sun has been down for a while, and this schmuck
is driving down the road in his pickup truck wearing a big black
cowboy hat. Why? Because it is now a fashion statement, nothing else.
And a ridiculous one at that. This big unwieldy piece of something is
stuck on your head and blocking half your peripheral view.

Most of the 'cowboy' fashion is just past trends with lost reasons.
The big belt buckle yet another one. Half these wannabe hicks run around
wearing the stuff and have no clue why.

I am kicking back at a club nights afterwards, laughing half the night.
The club is called "The Dungeon", which halfway implies a more industrial,
gothic, or bondage club. Low and behold, you have a wannabe rave on one
dance floor, and ambient on the other. I dig ambient, but not to dance
to at a club. So I am in the other room watching these people. Most are
rave kiddies bouncing around doing their style dancing. The other is a mix
of club rejects (or something) that seem out of place. You have one or
two goth types that stick out in new ways. One dances like a rave kiddie
all night, not a graceful bone in his body. The next tries to 'vogue' like
Madonna... to all the rave type songs. No originality in dancing, no
style, no grace. Yet they dress that way because it is popular. How do
I know that is the reason? Because it is in their actions, who they talk
to, how they dance, what songs they know, how self-conscience they
appear, and more.

I don't know. Just seems a lot of things we do are pointless and not worth
doing. Yet we plod along as if they are requirements to life or something.
I don't think I need to go into what you can do to change this problem,
it is only a matter of action. All I know is that doing what I want to do,
when I want to, and not worrying about how others view me physically
makes me feel comfortable. Why would anyone want any different?

- d1s

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