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Looking down from the 17th floor to the 2nd floor, on the inside of the
hotel.  Three restaurants fill the space below.

At one of the tables sits five people, each with their own story, which
no one there knows; each looking just as glamourous as ever.  Starting with
the man on the left who would be about 7:00 if the round table was a watch.

7:00 man looks around the table, he seems nervous in the people's
company.  His wife had an affair with someone when he as out of town, and
now she has decided to leave him.  He loves her with  all of his heart,
and the nervousness that others notice is really him trying not to create
a scene by an outburst of pain and anguish.

At 9:00 is a woman.  She's beautiful and single.  She seems to be distracted
with something.  The look of distraction would be correct, since her
foot had found the man at 11:00's lap.

11:00 man has a look of such pleasure on his face, and soft groans would
escape from his throat has he continued to shovel down the delicious food.
His food now, is mostly eaten - the light catches his wedding band.  It's
always been known he is a food consumer.  While in actuality he is greatly
enjoying an erection.

The only others at the table are a "happily married" couple.  The man at
2:00 and the woman at 4:00.  They seem to be so much in love, yet they are
barely speaking to each other.  Just before the dinner the wife had
received a call from home.  Her mother-in-law has worsened and there is
now three nurses at the house in hopes of helping her.  After the call the
couple got in a huge fight.  The wife takes more care of the mother-in-law
than her husband.

Five people gathered for dinner; five people that all are supposedly
'successful' and 'glamorous'; five people living lives that are dramatically
different then what people believe.

Glamour, for some people comes with a cost.  A cost that after paying most
people regret.  The price to always seem happy and in great shape.  The loss
of being true to those you know, for the sake of the needed image of you.

Nothing is at it seems.

Everyone has their own story.

Each of us pays for something, when we lose who we are to present an image
to those we are not.

- Kamira
October 29, 1997

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