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        Duality. Its in all of us, some more than others.

        I find myself walking down the street, minding my own business,
doing my own thing. I pass a group of kids asking for change. It is
obvious they are runaways.

        [Get a job and support yourself.]

        [They are rebelling, fighting what they see as
         unfair control from their parents, help them out.]

        Homeless person asking for food or clothes on my right. Several
of them actually.

        [Get out of my face. You don't deserve the money I worked
         for. The money *I* busted my ass for.]

        [Our government doesn't give enough support to our own
         citizens, but will throw all of my tax money at helping
         homeless in other countries. Help him out.]

        Commotion off to the left. Some little kid is running out of
a store with a handful of CDs. He's going to run right past me.

        [Pull the gun and shoot him in the kneecap. Fucker drives
         my prices up as stores try to counter theft.]

        [I've been there, no money, desire for material goods. If
         he gets away, good. If not, he should have been a smarter

        Pass a few more stores, go up another block. Two cops are
hassling a prostitute about being on the mall.

        [She is the unsavory element that makes this mall so bad.
         Throw her ass in jail for loitering.]

        [Her body, her choice, her right to do what she wants. She
         isn't hurting anyone by standing there. Cops have no right
         to control others.]

        Going to run into these people if they don't move. A group
of yuppies walking side by side taking up all of the sidewalk.

        [Knock their asses down, they need to get out of my way.
         Hell, hit them harder than just a normal 'bump' just to
         teach them a lesson.]

        [Say 'excuse me' and let them be. They are ignorant and do
         not know they are wrong.]

        Two police officers standing next to their motorcycles looking
around. Both on duty but no calls right now. One is staring at me
while nudging his partner to point me out.

        [Fuck you pig. Go harass someone else. Go beat up some innocent
         kid because you don't like him. Thats part of your job, right?]

        [Just minding my own business officer. I am shopping and just
         getting a bite to eat. No problem here.]

        Walk around a corner into an ally. Two guys looking at me kinda
strange. One moves behind, the other pulls a gun and demands my money.

        [Pull the gun, he won't be expecting it. No mercy for these
         losers. They were expecting joe tourist.]

        [Give them the money, report the crime, not worth dying over.]




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