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    A large portion of cencorship comes from religious people that
get their beliefs from the bible. These are just about the last people
who should say anything. We're talking about cencoring language here,
we'll get to the other issues later. Words like 'fuck', 'shit' and
writing about sex, drugs or other so called corrupt things.
    Anyone who uses the bible as their basis for censoring anything
needs to be shot. Christians read your bible before you preach to anyone.
The bible is full of murder, sex, rape, crime, revenge, language, and
everything else you preach against. Not only does the bible go into
all this gory detail, it praises it in many place. Some of the things
Jesus/God says would surprise the hell out of most people. Christians
are very good at skipping over those parts and only quoting and
preaching the 'good' parts.
    In the U.S. the constitution gives us our freedom supposedly. We have
the right to free speech, free press, free religion, carry a firearm, etc.
Free speech is just that, FREE! Don't get this absurd idea that certain
words don't apply. Press is written media. That applies to computer text as
well as books and newspapers. The fact that books are still trying to be
banned is ludicrous. Now, those silly ideas of banning words has pushed
over into the digital media. The CDA is unconstitutional for the last
fucking time. The CDA was founded by religious morons.
    Freedom of religion also means the freedom FROM religion. Anyone who
reads the bible can flat out shred your religion to pieces. There is NO
foundation for Christianity. The bible is wrong (see later file) and is
a large basis for christianity. Don't try to force your twisted views
on anyone.

    There is a supposed seperation of church and state. This has been a
good joke for years. Why are churches tax free? Why are laws written by
people who base them off portions of the bible? Why is their parking
exceptions on sundays on state funded roads? One requirement to hold
public office should be no religious affiliation. That will start the
process of seperation. With the seperation will come more freedom
for the groups of people that aren't religious and want to live their
lives free of 'spiritual' control.
    Liquor is not sold on sundays still (in many areas). This comes from
old christian beliefs about the day of sabboth. Do you really think
people are naive enough to not buy extra on Saturday? Why are business
hours shorters on sunday? One of two days off for most people and your
silly beliefs make it difficult to get stuff done.

    Its really weird to think how religious beliefs can affect so many
other people that aren't religious. Why should one groups beliefs that
are NOT based on logic or fact dictate any other part of anyone else's
life. What gives them the right to do that? In their minds, their god
gives them the right.

    What happens if their god doesn't exist? Then millions of Americans
are being subjected to twisted beliefs based on an old book that
has no basis. Imagine that, having your life controlled by a group
of people that have NO right to have ANY control of your life, yet
you let them. Don't stand for it. Break away from religious control
in any manner. It no longer has a place in our society.


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