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                              How Trivial

        As everyday passes I have to wonder what the fuck is wrong
with everyone. It seems a greater portion of our society is too
caught up with trivial shit for us to make it out of this decade.
I can pin it on individuals as well as groups. Yes, I can stereotype
because the predefined attributes that make up stereotypes are true
in too many cases.

        Religious people. I am agnostic/atheist depending on the day
of the week. Christians and the other like denominations are the first
on my list. I won't go into detail or defend my argument on why I say
the bible is wrong and that god does not exist. (later file
probably). Follow my logic here assuming that god doesn't exist.
God doesn't exist. God wrote the bible (indirectly). The bible says
certain things are wrong. Since god doesn't exist, the bible has no
foundation. Once again, follow along for the sake of the argument.
        Christians believe that and uphold it due to the bible or their
own twisted beliefs. Christians feel the need to exert themselves for
their own reasons. With them certain language is deemed bad, certain
images are deemed bad, certain crimes are worse than they really are,
abortion is bad, etc.
        Since christians feel all of this is bad, they speak out against
it. Now there are unconstitutional laws (CDA) that restrict talking about
certain things, seeing certain images, etc. We still have these BS laws
restricting liqour sales on sunday, limited business hours on sunday,
abortion protestors, etc. Think about it people..this is trivial shit
compared to the other crap going on.

        Gangbangers constantly try to justify their pathetic actions
by saying "its the only family I got" or "its the only way to survive".
Bullshit. If every one of you gangbangers would drop this ridiculous
macho attitude, get an education, and move on, the world would improve
drasticly. No more of this "the man keeps me down" shit either. That is
yet another pitiful attempt to blame society for your own dumb ass.
Fight "the man" by getting educated. Quit this sagging, gun toting
bullshit for some other life.
        You are killing yourselves as well as others around you.
The word GENOCIDE should mean something to you. This theory that the
white man is importing guns and drugs into your neighborhoods to kill
you off is completely irrelevent. Even if the government is, they
aren't holding a gun to your head to buy it. Start worrying about
other things that affect you that you can go on to change.

        Gunhaters. Think about this simple logic. Criminals and
lawbreakers carry guns lawmakers make guns illegal will criminals
respect these laws? No. So the only people that are affected are
honest citizens. Gun laws strip away the ability for people to protect
themselves from criminals who use them.
        As more people carry guns, it makes more people worry. More
people are scared of being on the street so more people break the
law for their own safety. So now, when I go to my local mall, I feel
threatened by all the 15 year olds gangbanging and carry my gun.

        I keep talking about this other crap going on, what exactly
am I talking about? The thousands of homeless war veterans our
government has completely ignored over the past years. The growing
problem of urban warfare and domestic violence driving our community
apart. The increasing government control of our daily lives. 
        The whole point is there are too many bigger issues in
our society to worry about this little shit that doesn't really
affect us. Quit worrying about pressing your beliefs on others and
focus that effort/energy on something more productive. Start using
your resources to help out society, not revert it back to a state
of continual fueding. Help make a change for the better. Let the
rest of us quit trying to battle you in your efforts to oppose


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