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                               Today's News

        Several things.

        First off, I have changed ISP's. Please take note of the new
addresses for contact:

        new mail address                jericho@dimensional.com

        new ftp site                    ftp.dimensional.com /users/jericho

        new web site                    http://www.dimensional.com/~jericho

        The web site has improved and new graphics as well as all files
up to 200. I will try to keep that more updated in the future. I will
also be adding links to cool places that are worth seeing as well as
a small description so you don't go link jumping.
        Why the new address? I finally got sick enough of netcom to move.
Let me tell you that it is the biggest pain in the ass you can have
as far as the net I think. Removing yourself from 30 mail lists and
resubscribing on your new account is bad enough, but remembering
each lists, and the subscription address is worse.
        I also get to worry about the set up fee, waiting for the account
to come up, moving my ftp/www site, and worst of all, informing the
masses of my new address. Once again, why? Finger jericho@netcom.com
and read that. My netcom account's .plan reflects several reasons why
I left their service.
        As a future recomendation, if you plan on choosing and ISP,
save yourself some time and chose someone besides netcom. They don't
really care about their customers. The only time they ever showed good
service was when I cancelled the account. On top of having a friendly
rep who actually did what she promised (reported my complaints to her
superior), I received a call back from a customer service manager
asking if she could do anything to make me happy.

        If you live in the denver metro area and plan on choosing an
ISP, dimensional.com is a good deal so far. The setup fee is only ten
bucks which beats out just about everyone else. Dave (the admin) has it
setup for graphical access via your shell account so you don't have to
bother with TIA. Each shell user gets 10 megs of space for no extra
charge and access to put up a directory on the ftp site as well as
web server. The admin (daud@dimensional.com) is really cool, believes
strongly in free speech, and is basically carefree as far as what you
do on his system. If you do get an account there, tell him 'jericho'
sent you. :)

        Remember, anyone may submit a file. Mail the file to me and I
will usually get back within a day or so with any comments about it,
or you will get it back as a released file. If you would like to submit,
aim for a topic that hasn't been covered or bring a new point of view
to an existing topic. Length doesn't really matter.

        Also, if you would like to receive the newest files via Internet
e-mail, mail me and ask to be put on the mailing list. That's all for now.


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