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                            No More Looking Back 

        As you now see, this file breaks the tradition of the
'Looking Back' series. From what I can tell people aren't using
these files for the intended reason to get a quick idea of what the
files are about. Since most files are pretty short I think people
can start to read it and determine if they want to continue.


        You will now notice there is an updated FAQ with version
number. I have also released a new version of the FUCK Distribution

        Many thanks goes out to the sysops and admins who are helping
to distribute these files. In the past few months alone several BBS
sysops have mailed in appliactions and have become distribution sites
for the zine. Thanks goes out to the admins running FTP sites or Web
sites with these files. If you help distribute and your name/site is
not on this list, please mail me so I know. If you are interested
in putting them up and need help, mail me.
        Thanks goes to Voyager for running a new site and allowing
me to set my web pages up on a new server (a real web server kids!).
While you are there check out the other users pages as well as the intro
page (leave off the /users/disorder part). If you would like to mail
suggestions or comments, send them to jericho@netcom.com or
fuck@command.com.inter.net and I will usually reply within 24 hours.

        Over three years now. Not bad for the on-line magazine world.
Every day I read the newsgroups I see a new zine here or someone
trying to start one up and asking for submissions. Why can't people
write for existing zines? I know that variety is a good thing but
starting a new zine and letting it die within a few issues will only
bury your writings along with countless others out there. If you
wish to write, and work on a zine, just make sure you are committed
and willing to follow through. If there is any doubt in your mind
that you will not be able to keep it up, write for another zine.
        I have written for several other zines over the years and
will continue to write for others. If something I write is not geared
for this zine, then I submit it to another zine. The same variety
that it appears I am speaking against is what I actually encourage.
Variety doesn't have to be brought forth in the form of different
and new zines. It can be brought forth in a wider variety in the
existing zines.

        Reminder: If you would like to receive new files as they
are released, mail me at jericho@netcom.com and ask to be put on
the list.

        Without further ado... this was submitted by Demonika a few
weeks back. Since it does a very good job detailing some issues I
would have covered, here it is.


        The recent actions of our Senators and House Representatives
will soon make this file illegal to distribute on the Internet.  Not
only is the title "indecent", but its contents are also legally
indecent as well.  Within these files you will find discussions of
a controversial nature, often peppered with so-called inappropriate
language.  I find it difficult to place these files in the same category
as porn or erotic text, but this is exactly what happens when our
government defines laws in ambiguous language.  What exactly is indecent?
Is this file indecent?  Are any of the former F.U.C.K. files indecent?
(oops, did I just break the law?)

        Consider the following:  These files will be effectively
outlawed merely becuase of the title and some questionable language
contained within them.  The sad thing about the recent events is the loss
of the content to the Internet.  Many of these files are thought-
provoking, well-written, and excellent outlets for the thoughts od young
people everywhere.  If you read past the title, and pay attemtion to the
content, many of the same Senators and Representatives would be less
concerned about the "bleak future" of our country.  Some might even
agree with the opinions of the authors, and be surprised that some of them
have not even attended college yet.  Some of these authors have written
files of a quality that they would never consider maintaining for their
high-school or college.  They do it because they like the zine, and they
like to express themselves.  But the language of the CDA bill has
effectively banned this outlet for creative thought and the exploraation
of new ideas.  So, along with Playboy and Penthouse WWW sites, this zine
will be on the wrong side of the law, undeservedly so.

        When I think of the Internet I think of a bookstore.  Anyone of
any age can enter a Barnes n' Noble and find a book called _Fuck_ on the
shelf.  It is a book devoted to the history of this four-letter word,
the usage of it, and it's prominence in society.  If you are offended
by this book, you ignore it.  You don't buy it.  If your child sees it and
wants to know more about it, you set limits according to your own values
and principles.  But nothing stops this child from picking up the book
and examining it if s/he really wants to.  Simple.  The Internet is the same
way.  You're looking aorund some ftp sites and you find a group of files
called fuck files.  Do you get them?  Are you forced to read them?  No.
You can choose to ignore them if you like.  It't the same with pornography.
You *know* that if you web over to http://www.playboy.com/ you might see
some nudity.  If this offends you, you don't go there.  No one forces you
to look at it.  Now, if your child goes to that site, it is up to YOU, as
a parent, to set limits.  It can be done.  It is not the US government's
responsibility to do so.


        Something to think about in the upcoming months. Keep track of
upcoming legislation and court rulings. If you are reading this, then
they affect you.



                          F.U.C.K. Member List

                (the revised 'positions' are inside jokes)

        Handle         Position              Status       Written
      - DisordeR     - Writer/Editor       - Active      -  77   -
      - Demonika     - Chixor              - Active      -  11   -
      - Rage         - Slave               - Active      -   9   -
      - Voyager      - Philosopher         - Active      -   8   -
      - Murc         - Writer              - Active      -   6   -
      - Illusionary  - Warez Pup           - Active      -   5   -
      - Major        - Drunk               - Active      -   5   -
      - Pallbearer   - Writer              - Active      -   5   -
      - Legion       - Media Play Security - Active      -   3   -
      - Morpheus     - Writer              - Active      -   3   -
      - Deadkat      - Yuppie              - Active      -   2   -
      - Death        - Writer              - Active      -   2   -
      - K2           - Flunky              - Active      -   2   -
      - Orestes      - Black Sheep         - Active      -   2   -
      - Disk Jockey  - Writer              - Active      -   1   -
      - Mogel        - Hoe                 - Active      -   1   -
      - Shockwave    - Chocolate           - Active      -   1   -
      - Slayer       - Writer              - Active      -   1   -
      - fastjack     - Writer              - Inactive    -   7   -
      - Overdriver   - Writer              - Inactive    -   5   -
      - Acid Warlock - Writer              - Inactive    -   4   -
      - Max Headroom - Writer              - Inactive    -   3   -
      - Distortion   - Writer              - Inactive    -   2   -
      - PsI          - Writer              - Inactive    -   2   -
      - Doc. Z       - Writer              - Inactive    -   1   -
      - Far Reaches  - Writer              - Inactive    -   1   -
      - Lettus B     - Writer              - Inactive    -   1   -
      - Loki         - Writer              - Inactive    -   1   -
      - Night Hawk   - Writer              - Inactive    -   1   -
      - Rice         - Writer              - Inactive    -   1   -
      - Uncle Elvis  - Writer              - Inactive    -   1   -
      - Zach D.      - Writer              - Inactive    -   1   -
      - Zen          - Stud                - Inactive    -   1   -
      - Zippy        - Writer              - Inactive    -   1   -
     (Files written by more than one person are credited to neither)

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