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Things to be concerned about.  These are issues that will be affecting
you in the future in one way or another.. most are things that have
been going on for some time, but are still unresolved.  If you know about
them, and are aware of what they are doing to hinder people, you may decide
to help the fight against them.

Communications Decency Act: You may have heard this term in the news
recently. The 'CDA' is a small part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
The primary purpose of the bill is to deregulate the phone and cable
industry by removing restrictions currently in place. A sub-section
of this bill is labeled the 'CDA', and involves censoring several things
on the internet. The bill bans anything 'indecent', 'obscene', 'lewd',
(and 5 or 6 other adjectives). Consider the term indecent along with the
fact the supreme court (or any goverment agency) has not defined indecent
for today's society. The bill goes on to ban/censor any/all nudity,
talk about breast size, urination, sexual intercourse, abortion,
as well as the "7 dirty words". Here are just a few of the topics
now considered "illegal":

        Urinary Tract Disease
        Breast Cancer
        Plastic Surgery
        Rape/Sexual Intercourse
        Abortion Recovery
        Alchohol Anonymous
        Drug Recovery/Addiction
        Large portions of the bible
        This also means some our favorite literature is to be banned (again).
These topics will give you a small flavor of what will be illegal from
here on out. Take into account the bill was signed by a majority in both
House and Senate, and immediately signed by the President. Despite the
fact the CDA is unconstitutional, it was passed quickly. After this was
brought up in public, the president had the balls to say something to the
effect of "Since it is unconstitutional, we won't enforce it". This just
after a State Court suspended the bill. 

Bottom Line: The president knowingly and intentionally signed and passed
             an unconstitutional bill. That is not part of a democracy.


Microsoft: You may not think much of them, or realize the shit they are
getting away with. Every day they are breaking laws left and right, yet
stand uncontested and continue to do it. False Advertising is their
biggest market right now, and the American consumers are eating it up
without a second thought. Their current long term goal (if publicly known)
would outrage every person using their product because of the purely
financial interests behind it. I will touch on two examples.

Windows95: If you go back and try to find some of the original advertisements
or technical literature, you would find they never released what they
advertised. Once you look past their continued promises for a release date,
and past all of the advertising hype showing nothing remotely technical
about the new 'OS', you are left with one of the most pitiful excuses
of a software package released to date. The first major misconception
is that Win95 is an Operating System. It isn't. One quick and dirty
way to put this argument to an end. Go in and delete /dos, /windows/command,
and your autoexec/config files. If DOS isn't needed (which it was for 3.x)
then get rid of it. The /windows/command directory contains DOS files for
spawning a DOS shell, no need for them. Last, the autoexec.bat and config.sys
files that we used to use, get rid of those. Boot your computer.
Wait.. I guess I should have warned you to back everything up, but I guess
I am right. Win95 is NOT an O/S by any means. It is a half 16/32 bit
PLATFORM just like Win 3.1 was. It disguises its nature a little better.

Long Term Goal: 1994 - Chicago    (Codename for Win 4.0/Dos 7.0)
                1995 - Windows95  (Scrapped codename, gave it full name,
                                   decided not to release full DOS,
                1996 - FixIt Upgrades to 95
                1996 - Development of 'Cairo'
                1997 - General release of 'Cairo'

        What is now codenamed 'Cairo' is basically Windows NT for the
masses. Its current status is apparently everything that Win95 promised
to be. As usual, Microsoft will lead the market as being 'Upgrade Slaves'
requiring you to dump significant amounts of money on underdeveloped,
overpriced software.

Bottom Line: You can live without their products. Quit supporting their
             poor marketing and poor software. Demand better from them
             if you dish out any money.


America Online: A seemingly harmless company leeching onto the internet
bandwagon. Instead of the family oriented online service, you have a
company that doesn't care. It doesn't care about the customers, what
they are doing to the net, or how they are infringing on your rights.
Instead of bringing 5 million people on the internet, they bring
5 million computer illiterate people onto the net bombarding the existing
network with wasted bandwidth, repetitive questions, and general
stupidity. The problem exists from both sides of America Online though.

Users: The stereotype of AOLers being lame, obnoxious, and completely
clueless is there for a reason. Every day net users have to suffer
through more and more repetitive stupid questions on usenet, more
and more FTP's, and more pointless mail on mail lists. AOLers typically
will not read applicable FAQs regarding newsgroups, services, or
netiquette. Instead of lurking on a newsgroup for a few weeks to see
the kind of conversation that exists, they will often jump right in
with unrelated topics, or litter the groups with "me too" posts.
Roughly 50 AOL users a day lose their accounts due to mail/usenet spams
of various types.

The Company: With as many users as there are, you would figure the
service they are receiving is good. Instead of superior service,
these users are dealing with incompetant technical support, hour long
(or more) waits for any kind of help on the phone, constant cases
of overbilling (even after account cancellation), slow networks, busy
dialins, poor response time on mail to support, and a fascist
policy on network behavior. The TOS (Terms of Service) prohibit many
kinds of discussion, many words or phrases used in normal conversation,
as well as some opinions on different topics. I could go into
great detail and make a seperate file out of this (which may come
later) but I won't. Go to alt.aol-sucks and read the messages there.
They should give you a good idea of some of the crap this company

Bottom Line: Don't support them. They are overpriced, unresponsive,
             and uncaring about their customers.


Church of Scientology: Not a church by any conventional means, this
group has managed to pull off some disturbing events in the past.
What started out as a "church" based on L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics
book, this group has developed into one of today's evil sects.
To advance in this church requires money.. and lots of it. Over time
(the whole time dishing out money), you will be given more of the
"church secrets" and obtain new "OT" levels placing you in the
church hierarchy. There exists a huge online war between scientologists
and opponents to the church. Many ex-members spend huge amounts of time
fighting the church.

The part to be concerned about comes in their past actions. Anytime
the church catches wind of someone posting or publically releasing
some of their 'secrets', they will begin harassing that individual.
In the past they have used many illegal methods of doing this, in some
cases killing the person's dog. Due to more criticism they have moved
to taking anyone and everyone to court over their 'secrets'. Before
going to court, the church has somehow managed to pull some amazing
feats of legal work having people's house searched, computers confiscated,
and privacy invaded upon. They continue to do it to this day.
Read alt.religion.scientology for more about what is going on.

Bottom Line: What started out as a set of infomercials has turned into
             an evil money hungry sect. Don't support them.


These are only three issues which everyone should be aware of. There
are countless other events and companies you should be aware of, but
they will be addressed later. Make yourself aware of what is going
on around you. Find something you believe in and fight for it.


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