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                                What If...

What if the internet was really like media and congress portrayed it as?


        Mr. John Goodbody comes home from a day at the office to see
his wife cooking for the family, and his kids doing their homework
in the living room.  After changing out of his work clothes, John
goes downstairs and sits down to a nice meal with his wonderful
family.  John starts a prayer and the family finish in unison with "Amen".

        Since John finished his work at the office, and doesn't have
any projects, he figures he will go to his computer and get on the internet
and play around.  He goes upstairs, sits down at his desk with a glass
of water, and pad of paper with pages of detailed notes on finding stuff
on the net.

        He boots his computer into Windows, double clicks on the little
America Online icon, and waits as it logs him in.  Upon login he makes
sure everything is in order but can immediately tell he has been hacked
again!  Someone was using his account last night without his permission!
Oh well, this happens every day so he moves on.  Another problem catches
his eye, as he notices that he has a ton of email.  Looking through the
email it is quite obvious that he has once again (just like every other
day), received unsolicited email advertisements, pornography, and sexually
deviant material.  He takes the time to delete the mail without reading
it and clean up his mailbox so it only contains the one letter from his
brother in Michigan.
        That day at work, his friend Bob told him about a new site that
gave detailed reports of earthquake information, where they were located,
and their magnitudes. John clicks on the telnet button and inputs the
address.  As usual, it takes him seven or eight tries to get through because
he keeps getting redirected to sites that show nude women, beastiality,
or other smut.  Once he is through, he looks up his information and closes
the telnet session.  Not even two seconds pass before an image of a naked
lady appears on his screen advertising another XXX web site.  He closes
the image and tries to go to the chat rooms.
        Once in the chat area, John pulls up a list of the available
rooms, and tries to find one that doesn't deal with indecent material.
Like all the other nights, he can't find one so he decides to get some
more online magazines to read later that night.  He clicks on the FTP
button, and inputs the site with thousands of magazines.  Instead of
connecting to 'Etext', he is routed to another adult site which automatically
send him several lewd pictures.  He tries again but ends up at a home
page of a neo-nazi hate group.  One more click and he ends up at an
abortion site, and automatically gets sent the complete list of abortion
clinics and propaganda on why everyone should get abortions.
        Thirteen tries later, he gets through to 'Etext', and starts
to download his favorite zine 'DARN'. Once he gets them to his machine
he takes a look at them only to find they aren't the good-natured 'DARN'
'zine, but stories of sexual encounters in the forest written by some
deviant!  John is upset by this turn of events, but rather than be upset
he deletes them and tries again.  The second time he manages to get the
new issues of the 'zine, and begins reading them.
        As he is reading, a message comes across his screen from one of
the America Online staff members asking him to verify his credit card
number.  Not wanting to cause trouble he gives it out along with some
more information and keeps going.

        It is difficult to get through the night on the net, but just like
all the others out there, he braves the online world in search of honest
and decent material.  Its hard to believe that the other 99% of net
denizens are so perverted like that, but it's still worth it for the
chance to find what he needs.


Is it like that?  Of course not.


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