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                        Guilty by Text

        When a computer hacker gets caught, a series of events
takes place that will dramatically change his/her life. The first
thing after the investigation is complete, will be a visit
by federal agents. They will come into the house and seize any
computer or telephone equipment. Often times a year or more will
pass before the hacker is brought to trial to defend himself.

        During the wait to go to trial, the federal agents
in charge of the investigation will search the computer for
evidence to help convict the hacker. Sometimes it will take
months for the agents to completely go through the hard drive,
and look at each file. When they are done they will print out
any file that can be used as evidence.

        When a lack of true evidence exists, the prosecuting
attorney will resort to other means to show the hacker's
guilt. Instead of providing logs that show detailed events
that happen, they will provide text files and online magazines
that were found on the hacker's computer. Everything from
Phrack magazine, to text files on making pipe bombs.

        The attorney tells the judge and jurors that those kinds
of files show intent. They go farther by saying that these files
show the person is a hacker, has hacked, is malicious, and should
be found guilty. Simple text files like the one you are reading.
It doesn't matter if the hacker was working on a term paper on
the subject, or just wants to read other people's ideas, those files
supposedly only show guilt.

        The question I ask is this:

        If I own a gun, does that mean I am a murderer?

        If I own a knife, does that make me a mugger?

        If I own a fishing rod, does that make me someone
        who fishes illegally on other people's land?

        If I own a car, does that make me guilty of hit and run?
        Vehicular homicide?

        Those may seem extreme, but if I am in court for a parking
ticket, does the fact that I own a car make me anything else? Does
it show my guilt? Of course not.

        It seems that computer crime is the only exception to the
rule. Since the law isn't equipped to deal with computer crime,
and train the attorneys, the victims in this case aren't the system
administrators, but the computer enthusiasts.


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