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                       Why Should I Respect You?

The last person that dressed like you was the guy pushing some
worthless crap at my door.  You dress up in your slacks, shirt,
tie, and jacket thinking that defines 'well off', yet the used
car salesman that sold me my car had more expensive shoes than
you did. Door to door sales people dress like you do. Managers
at Taco Bell dress like you do, but I'm supposed to respect you
because of the way you dress?

The last person that carried a cell phone like that had to ask
me how to turn it on.  After he bought it for a penny, he couldn't
figure out how to turn it on, and how to place a call. He didn't
understand the concept of reading the simple instructions and
figuring it out. A week later he came back because he couldn't
receive a call. That penny cell phone is supposed to make me respect

The last person that drove a car like yours was dealing coke to kids
downtown. I know your thirty five thousand dollar Lexus is a really
nice car, but the drug dealers like them too. Should I respect you both?

The last person that looked down at me like you did was the first
to show how nice of a guy he was by jumping ahead of everyone
else when a new cashier opened her lane. Instead of letting one of the
people that had been waiting to go, you decided you were more important
than me. But I should respect you because you think you are better than

The last person with white skin was a racist bastard who made a snide
remark about "those stupid niggers" to his friend. After that, he looked
at me with a look of "you understand, right?", but I didn't. I should
respect you because you were born with lighter skin than others?

The last person who spoke like you did wanted to fight me because
I was minding my own business as I walked by him. He pulled his pants
up from his thighs and threatened to kick my ass. I couldn't figure out
why he dressed like some of the less popular rappers, and spoke
like other black people, yet was white and living in a $400,000 house
with his parents.

You are unique. You dress like others, you act like others, you're
the same age as others, you're the same skin color as others, you
have money like others, you talk like others, yet you are you and
not anyone else. No matter how you try, or who you try to appear like,
you are still you.


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