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                                Recent News

        Things are still going as you noticed. Files are picking up again
and I have actually had time to write myself. It is quite frustrating to
have 25 or more file ideas, all sitting ready to be written yet have no
time to do it. Since I started a new position at work, I have had time to
do more (at work even), and have been kicking out more files.
        Submit! If you would like to submit a file for release with the
group, please do. I am always looking for contributions. Mail them to
me and I will be in touch regarding the release. On the net, mail to:


        If you aren't on the net, you can do a few other things. Mail me
on any of the 303 boards that I list in the distro sites. If you still
can't find a way to do any of that, find someone with a net account and
mail me via a friend.
        Distro sites. As said long ago, I am only doing three distro sites
per area code. Mail me with a completed application (FUCK-APP.TXT), and
I will put you in the lineup. If you are one of the first three boards
in your AC, you automatically become a distro site. If not, then you are
put on the list and become one if one of the other boards goes down for
some reason. *** The ONLY advantage of being a distro site is I put your
BBS name and number in these files. If you are the first for your AC, then
you are advertised at the end of each file. If you are the second or third,
then you are put in the master list every 25th file, or when I release
a 'current news' file. If you wish to carry the files, PLEASE DO. You can 
call yourself a distro if want, that is fine with me. I only want these 
files to be circulated.
        If you are on the net and want the newest releases, mail me at
the above address saying you wish to get new releases. I have a 'mailing
list' set up so I can mail it to anyone who wants it. If you mail me back,
it does not get circulated to everyone, only I see it.
        Also, if you are interested in getting other interesting news,
funny stories, convention info, or whatever else I get, I have a 'forward
mailing list' set up. Mail me if you would like to be on this. Recently,
I have been bouncing a lot of information on current legislation affecting
online access, articles about the Waco hearings, and other stuff.

        As usual, any comments, questions, bitches, gripes, submissions,
flames, threats, or anything else, mail me :  jericho@netcom.com

                          F.U.C.K. Distribution Sites
      Board Name          Number       Sysop          Status       ST
      ----------          ------       -----          ------       --
- Ionic Destruction    215.722.0570  Phatal Error    Eastern HQ    PA        
- Purple Hell          806.791.0747  Acid Warlock    Southern HQ   TX               
- PuRe EViL            905.XXX.XXXX  Prince/Darkness Canadian HQ   ON
- Wulf's Den           303.699.WULF  Timberwulf      Western HQ    CO
- Celestial Woodlands  409.764.2843  The Ranger      Dist.         TX
- Logikal Nonsence     717.XXX.XXXX  Shockwave       Dist.         PA
- PcI                  806.794.1438  PsI             Dist.         TX
- Dungeon System Inc.  410.263.2258  Dark Image      Dist.         MD
- The Keg              914.234.9674  Six Pack        Dist.         NY
- Plan 9 Info Archives 716.881.3663  Kilslug         Dist.         NY
- E.L.F.               314.272.3426  Jabberw0cky     Dist.         MO
- Chemical Pursuasion  203.324.0894  Lysergic Acid   Dist.         CT
- Realm of Chaos       303.770.1470  Soulfire        Dist.         CO
- Paradise Lost        414.476.3181  Access Denied   Dist.         WI 
- Static Line          806.747.0802  Xenocide        Dist.         TX
- Hacker's Haven       303.343.4053  Voyager         Dist.         CO


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