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                             I've Got Your Info

        Every day you go about your business, working, going to school,
taking care of kids, lounging around, whatever. The whole time you do
this, you are losing money that is rightfully yours, but is ending up
in other people's hands. Basic pieces of information about you are sold 
each day to different companies.

        Your Name
        Your Social Security #
        Your Phone Number

        Typically, there is more information like your address, age,
gender, etc. That information is contained in hundreds (probably thousands)
of databases around the world. Each day, more and more telemarketing 
companies buy those databases from other companies. These are then used
as 'leads' for potential sales and harassment from sales people.

        Here is the chain:
        Company 1 sells YOUR info to Company 2.
        Company 2 calls you and tries to sell you shit.
        Company 2 sells a little, goes through the whole database.
        Company 2 sells YOUR info to Company 3.
        The chain continues...

        The whole time, they are making money from YOUR info. Fair? 
Of course not. Here is where I usually try to suggest something to do 
about the problem.. except I can't suggest shit in this case. Once your
info is out there, you are fucked. Each day another company will make 
money as you get harassed. 
        First thing you can do, if someone calls and tries to sell you
something, ask them where they got your name. Be hostile, YOU'RE the customer
after all. Tell them to remove you from the database and to never call you
again. If they do (the same company), that is legitimate reason to
complain about harassment. Play the 'Lemme talk to your manager' game.
Keep talking to 'your manager' until you get to talk to someone who actually
has some power. I don't know what current laws regarding this are, but 
if you ask/tell them to remove YOUR information, I would imagine they have
to by law. Of course, with the current fucked up legal system, that may
be totally wrong.

        Apparently, there is a single master database full of info. No
doubt a government controlled computer somewhere, that contains full info 
on anyone registered to vote, drive, breathe, or whatnot. This contains
basically everything, from name/age/birthdate, to how many kids you have,
travel history, etc. Ever wonder how baby products/flyers/coupons show
up in the mail of families that just had a baby? People are paid to sit
there and add to this database, utilizing information from any one of 
a hundred sources. From this master database, other companies can do 
searches for certain information. They can pull everyone who in the
past 2 years took a cruise to Tahiti, between the ages of 25 and 27.
Scary shit. Idea: Remove yourself from THIS database. Thing is, who owns
it? Who do you call? Where do you write to? If people knew that, then
you wouldn't be getting junk mail anymore.

        Currently the IRS is working on a system that will contain not
only your full info, personal details, but your full financial info. When
I say financial info, I am not talking 'reported income in one year'. I
am talking about how many hours you work, what you get paid, average
expenditures, average donations to charity, etc. The idea here is, the IRS
would like to go to a system where THEY calculate your taxes, not you
the citizen. How would that be for a Big Brother environment? As you may
have guessed, they are currently suffering from some legal problems in
instituting this system.

        What is the worse case scenario? Ask 'Jim Phelps'. 'Jim Phelps' 
was the handle used by a 303 BBSer. He picked that handle because he liked
the name, and it sounded real enough so people would think it was his real
name. He only used this on BBSs in the 303 area, none of which he had to
pay for access. After a year or so of using that handle, he one day started
receiving junk mail under that name. You tell me how they got his address
to go with it...


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