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                               Camera 18 - ON

        I am sure many of you have read the book _1984_ by George Orwell,
and didn't like the society he portrayed. The year 1984 came and went, and
things weren't like that at all, but a few years later, all the workings
for a Big Brother atmosphere are here. If you pay attention to your
surroundings you will notice more and more factors either controlling
your life, or watching your actions.

        While I was in Las Vegas, I noticed it more than anywhere else, and
that is somewhat understandable. With all the casinos in hotels they have
to keep an eye on who is doing what to ensure fair play. But why do they
have cameras in all the central hallways, resteraunts, lobbies, elevators,
entrances, etc? If you travel to nice hotels in other cities, there are
probably only 15% of the cameras watching your actions. Each room comes
equipped with a nice mirror for your use, but I have to wonder if there
is a camera behind that too.
        As you go in retail stores, you will find more have installed
security cameras and have hired someone to watch them full time. Once again
this is to mostly deter theft, but what else can they do? They can watch
you anywhere in the store, at any time, for any reason. Many companies
that you call will state something to the effect of "This call may be
monitored for quality control", and that can be applied to the use of the
cameras you see. I am sure employers want to make sure everything is fine
with their employees. Now, during work, you have to make sure you don't 
stop to take a quick break and collect your thoughts, as you wouldn't want
your boss to think you are slacking off.
        Go to some of the bigger cities, and drive around. Look about twenty
to thirty feet up and you will sometimes notice cameras on the outside of
the building watching the street in front, the sidewalk, or parking garage.
In some cases, they are monitoring intersections near the building.
Most of the time these cameras are stationary, and are there to provide
a good view of as much area as possible. They can't see a lot of detail,
but they can monitor any activity around the building as well as what is
going on across the street. Why? There is no need for that.
        Almost every government building is loaded with cameras, and
sometimes microphones to listen in on what is going on. Private conversation
is totally eliminated in this kind of environment, and that in itself is
not condusive to happy workers. If you go to work and know you can't talk
privately about something with someone, and know that when you are talking,
they could easily be watching you, how would you feel? Untrusted for sure.

        If the thought of being monitored at any time while in public kind
of disturbs you, think of the way we are heading. With each day it seems the
common people are losing their privacy. Anything done by anyone to ensure
privacy is bashed down by the system. Take Phil Zimmerman for example. He
wants his mail and information totally private, but the goverment doesn't
like that since they can't read his mail, or anyone else's using his
software. Now, he is under investigation for exporting munitions because 
of his desire for privacy. Since when does encryption software fall in the
category of munitions? Every time he comes back into the country he is
subjected to hours of questioning regarding his trip, his activites, etc.
Big Brother is here.
        The government is supposed to be here to guide us on the right path
for the good of the people. Since when is being able to monitor every/any
phone conversation good for the people(clipper)? Why is a social security
number required to do anything these days? That is a good tracking method
they have and can keep good tabs on where you are, and what you do. With
that single number, anyone in power(or anyone who knows how to obtain that
power) can get any information on you in a matter of minutes. Your credit
records, hospital records, name/address/unlisted phone number, or anything
else about you.

        At the current rate, most citizens will lose almost every aspect
of privacy they hold valuable. Anything you do, anywhere in the country you
go, you will not be able to have a private moment. Imagine having open house
inspections at random, random car searches driving down the highway, or
worse. All these are aspects of a Big Brother society. Keep telling yourself
that it doesn't mean it will happen.. 


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