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In this day and age, there is more and more talk about who ows information
and how freely it should flow. It is currently imposible to place a monetary
value on information, or establish precedents on who should own what
information due to a lack of court cases involving it. Not that American
courts are the ones that have a right to assess the value of information.

More in the computer world than in the 'real' world, you will find arguments
about who should have access to information. Along with who should have it,
other aspects come up such as how free it should be, what it takes to get it,
and what price you should have to pay for it.

In the past I have always been one to think any and all information should
be free to everyone else. Recently I have changed my view on this mostly
due to other people wanting information from me. I don't claim to be an
information storehouse or anything, but here and there people want
information on various subjects, and turn to me. Typically this is on
BBS's and I reply with the answer they need within a day or so. I have never
had a complaint about this until a week or so ago. My stance on information
freedom has changed from 'anyone, anytime' to 'if you deserve it'.

During a conversation a few weeks back, I was told that waiting more than
two days for a piece of information was way too long. He stated that it
should only take one day, and no more. To keep things clear, this was being
said about hacking knowledge. He belived that he should be able to get
a response to his inquries regarding hacking within one day, and that
not getting it within that one day was unnaceptable.

If that is the mindset people are starting to take, then the world of
information is going downhill. Patience is a virtue, I know that has been
drilled in your head by other people in the past. That being said, consider
the current state of knowledge. If someone asks another person a question that
demands a somewhat technical answer, that only a few people have, then that
is a pretty valuable piece of information. The fact that it came to you
somewhat quickly and without a price is a blessing.

If you want information, and you want it quickly, do something to earn it.
Just sitting on your ass and offering nothing back to the person helping
you is your way of saying that you don't deserve the information. If mailing
someone and waiting for a few days for the response is too long to wait,
or too much of a hassle, then you aren't even CLOSE to deserving the

More and more I notice that those without the 'intel' are the ones who
demand it to be free. The people who don't know about a paticular subject,
who want to learn, seem to be the most demanding to get the information they
want, and are willing to do little or nothing in return for it. These
are the people that are the most dangerous to our society. They will be
the first to take this information, and spread it to all ends of the world,
eventually nullifying the value of it.

Bottom line: Since no one can put a true value on information in general,
use your experience with it to put a value on the 'intel' you want,
and the 'intel' you have.


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