=  F.U.C.K. - Fucked Up College Kids - Born Jan. 24th, 1993 - F.U.C.K.  =

                                H0H0 '94


        What was left of the almost non-existant x-mas spirit was totally
washed away as I packed for the five day trip ahead. One day in the van
each way, three days of relaxing, learning, and partying. The destination
was h0h0con in Austin, Texas, put on by Drunkfux. For those out there that
haven't heard of h0h0con, let me tell you a little about it. It is probably
the most popular hack/phreak convention held each year. That about sums it
up. If you haven't heard of 'hack/phreak' then just kinda read along and
learn about some of teh sub-culture that exists out there.

        The reason for this file: To let people who missed h0h0con, know
how the con went, and to entertain people with our trip's story. Many
humorous events occured, I managed to take a ton of quotes(mostly out
of context of course), which will be included in here. Material from
this article very well could be used for blackmail against any of my
friends... since I will cover my own tracks no doubt. Whee.

        The people: Myself, which someof you may have become familiar
with through these files. Deadkat, sysadmin of corrupt.sekurity.com,
primary editor of CoTNO zine. ThePublic, long time member of the computer
underground. Cavalier, founding member of TNo, once again in the scene.
Voyager, absent minded #hack_faq editor. Rage, upcoming silent type
experiencing his first computer con. Blair, or Ms Public as she was often

        Thursday night rolled around, and we slowly met at Deadkat's
place. Some checked mail on the board, two finished packing, and
others just messed around wasting time waiting for Voyager to arive
with the van that would lead us to the promised land. Thirty minutes
of arranging the van was well worth the time and comfort level that
was provided for the twenty hour drive.
        After a quick stop at the local Safeway and liquor store nearby,
we set off on the highway driving through our favorite stopming ground
DTC. Ten o'clock hit when we were finally settled in and technology
overflowing. In the front were the radar detector, CD Player, and cooler.
Two or three backlit screens from various laptops lit the van and gave it
an almost radiant glow. With a NIN CD playing, Deadkat and myself proceeded
to back up each other's hard drive, and copy files so we both had good
copies of our file libraries. ThePublic sat in front of us messing with
his newest motorola flip phone, no doubt thinking of some new mod to add
to it. Blair had commandeered Cavalier's notebook so that she could play
Space Quest 1(0 day!!) during the first leg of the trip.
        We had estimated 9 hours or so to make the first major stopping point
Lubbock, TX. It was there that we would fuel and grab some dinner before
continuing on toward Austin. During the first leg of our trip we had a great
talk about the underground scene in the past, present, and what the future
held. Very intersting to look back at who was who, and where they were
today. Sometime while playing _My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult_, we
all thought about how these were the best of times, and the freedom
we held. It isn't often that can just strike off in your own direction,
and have total control of what you do, and where you go. Being with great
friends and having a good reason to get together, brought it all to a
climatic vacation that we all desperately needed. I don't know about you,
but daily routines and work drag me down in a fierce way. As a side note,
the whole drive could only be done by 3 of the 7 people. Myself, Cavalier,
and Blair were the only eligble drivers. ThePublic had been 'discouraged'
from driving to to an incident at the last SummerCon where he kinda rolled
a car, and almost killed him and Voyager. Voyager, who has been in two
wrecks in the past month alone was also discouraged from any night driving,
and would only be allowed to drive if someone was watching him the whole 
time. Deadkat, although being the second oldest among us, has no license,
and thus no driving ability for this trip. Rage had procrastinated a bit
too long in getting his permit/licence. Lamers :)
        Other conversations of interest were about the recent internet
hacks by the ILF, and speculation of who the group consisted of. (BTW:
the list posted on alt.2600 is not at all correct). While I was sleeping,
the others had a wierd conversation(i assume) where the topic was
'Flaming Sperm', and I don't know if I want to get filled in on that one.
Almost every other topic imaginable was brought up and discussed since we
had plenty of time to kill.     


        Throughout the night, most of us crashed, since we knew we wouldn't 
get much sleep at all. Three days of partying and learning new stuff was 
well worth some missed sleep. As the sun came up and the drive continued 
to be dull(we were driving through Texas after all), TP got one of his 
motorola flip phones with his special mod. He had routed a wire from the 
phone's speaker so that it could interface with a tape adaptor desigend 
for portable CD players. Translated, whatever was broadcasted over the phone, 
could be played through the van's speakers. Hypothetically, if he entered 
the right numbers in test mode on the phone, he could have scanned in on 
other conversations, and allowed everyone to hear it. So I was driving 
thinking about what he could do, while DK was thinking about scanning 
other channels to help find neat conversations, and we enjoyed that leg 
of the trip. But we didn't really do anything illegal of course.
        During the drive through Texas, a few hours out of Lubbock, I met 
a nice man named Mr. Edwards. He was a member of some club that had neat 
badges and carried guns. I had the pleasure of being pulled around to the 
back corner of our van, and asked several questions about where we were 
going, and what I was doing driving so fast. I had come over a hill doing 
about 65 MPH or so, and he gunned me doing 71 somehow. When I asked him to 
see the radar, he told me that I could look at it, but it didn't have my 
speed on it, since he was gunning other people passing along. Hmm. Sounds 
a little funny to me. I think he was really jealous that he wasn't in the 
back of the van, moshing with the rest of the crew. I do believe the van
was bouncing a little more than most vehicles on the road at the time. It 
may just be me, but I think they pick on out of state drivers like that 
knowing full well I won't take the time to drive back down to dispute it. 
Of course, since I live in another state, I don't exactly have to drop the 
check in the mail. Decisions...
        Just outside of Austin we made another stop for cokes, bathroom, 
and to pick up shoepolish. We couldn't just drive into h0h0 without elite 
messages all over our windows! The side windows receive our 'TNO' logo, 
"K0de patrol - 31337", "303 krew - no phear", and "h0h0 94". The elite 
windows and the USWest flashing light on top of the van alerted all to who 
we were, and to phear us. 
        The drive in was uneventful, and Austin was quite like other major 
Texas towns. Either way, it was different, because it held H0h0con!! We 
stopped at our hotel to check in, and get situtated. Five minutes later, 
we went to the right hotel to check in(good one Voy). We pulled up to the 
right hotel and started carting stuff in to the room. Two beds, 7 people, 
one bathroom. During the trips we noticed a group of guys in the room above 
us that kept staring at us as we emptied the van. DK and myself donned our 
USWest hardhats, and that clued them in that we were there for the con as 
        Seven o'clock rolled around, and warnings of the con being overun 
with feds had already hit us. Descriptions of people 'talking into their 
thumbs' and 'definite feds' were rampant, and seemingly, no one at the con 
was to be trusted. Didn't sound like a good start, so we emptied our pockets 
of all elite information, and decided to skip our outfits until we knew it 
was safe. Wouldn't want to get busted on the first night of the con! We 
drove over to the Ramada South in someone else's car since Cavalier had  
dissapeared with the van. The guys in the room above us carted us over in 
two trips. I know TP had a great time riding in the trunk on the way over. 
The lobby was half full of teenagers wearing almost all black, so we figured 
we found part of the convention. Being the social sluts we are(heh), each of 
us headed off in a different direction and started meeting people. It was 
only a matter of minutes before we started finding a lot of people that we 
had previously chatted with over BBSs, or the net, and finally had the 
opportunity to put faces with names.
        It took an hour to go throughout the lobby, meet people, check out 
the two h0h0 rooms, and find out what had been happening. The report of 
feds infesting the place was somewhat wrong, and the most we saw was a 
ton of hotel security(gee..wonder why) and a few possible feds. TP managed 
to talk to Drunkfux(organizer of the con) and rounded up DK and myself, to 
go visit him in his room. Five minutes later Voyager tracked me down and 
drug me out of Dfx's room, so that I could go to GrayArea's room. The topic 
there was the ILF, their attacks recently, and who they were. In an upcoming 
issue of GrayArea magazine, she will be interviewing members of the ILF that 
have given her an exclusive online interview.. look forward to that.   
        A strong desire for food hit several of us during our talks 
throughout the hotel, and a small band of us grouped together to walk to 
the local hamburger joint. On the way, I was bombarded with request for 
making a trojan that would kill a renegade board. Bad move. I consider 
BBS hacking to be pretty lame in that aspect, or at least in killing the 
board. If you want to use a trojan to snag files or something, that is fine, 
but don't destroy for little/no reason. Food run over, we headed back to 
the con to see who else had arrived.
        For the next two hours we sat around and talked with anyone and 
everyone we could. That is probably one of the best things about cons of 
this nature, is the openess, and willingness to trade information, and 
talk about anytyhing. As things started to wind down(if that can be said), 
we headed back toward our hotel for a few hours of rest. At least, they 
did, I had no intention of sleeping when I had direct net access and a 
hotel room under someone else's name. 
        Sleep eventually came, and abruptly left a few hours later, it 
was time for the con to start.


        When we left the hotel, we were decked out and ready to have a blast. 
DK and myself were wearing our lineman's handsets, bell hardhats, and other 
misc USWest paraphanelia(sp). Our 'kode patrol' van caught more eyes as we 
drove up, and we hopped out. Our group headed straight downstairs for the 
signup process and to hear the first speakers. While in line, we passed out 
disks containing all the issues of F.U.C.K., CoTNO, and the most recent 
version of the hack_faq, so as to better spread the word. The wait was 
short, and we had a chance to read other literature people were passing out, 
including how to join the CIA. :)
        Once in the room, we spread out again, a few of the guys heading        
toward various vendor tables, and the rest getting decent seats. After 
everyone had crowded in and taken the seats, Drunkfux got up and began
the con officially, and outlined the agenda for the day. He went through
a list of speakers, break times, other activities, and threw in some tips
for us while we were in the hotel. 

        First Speaker: (forgot his name) brought up Commercialism of the
net and how it was going from here on out. He mentioned local companies that
charged US$300 a month to create and maintian a WWW Home Page. His argument
against this was, the company designed a page for you(with your input of 
course), set it up so anyone could reach it, but did nothing to let people
know it was there. The company never advertised that all those home pages
were sitting there waiting to be viewed, and did nothing to attract other
net viewers. From here he went on about some other BS that 95% of us
were quite familiar with, and concluded by saying the net was going to
become "the Indian Nation". During his speech, someone stood up and said
"Sounds like the net is anarchy" as if he was suprised. Applause resounded
after that comment.
        Second Speaker: 'Internet Master'. The topic for his speech was
standards on the net, and how futile they have been. (This was a little
more technical info, and standards of IP transfer protocals, etc, not 
standardizing other things). Two things to note out of his speech, is 
how bad some people are when it comes to standardizing.. IPVersion 6 is
not backwards compatible with Version 4. That alone shows you that people
aren't trying to make things go in the right direction, they just want
their soft controlling as much of the net as possible. Last year alone,
137 'standards' were released for protocals..all unusable by most.
        The next string of speakers were all members of the Prometheus
Project, which I will go into a little more over the next few paragraphs.
The goals of the group are as follows: Architecturing an underground net,
establishing digital cash, generalize all encryption routines in the
various unix's, establish and develop client/server cryptography, and
the education/advocacy of encryption.
        Douglas Barnes was the first to get up and introduce us to the 
project, the current status, and give us an outline as to what they had
been doing, and what they were planning. During his short speech on
kinds of cryptography, he brought up an amusing point that should sit
in the back of your mind somewhere. "It is always cheaper to send Vinnie
and Dino to beat the keys out of you." - Which he called 'Rubber Hose
Crytoanalysis'. If you are not sure what this means, read a basic file or
two on encryption and how it works. From here he detailed the different
kinds of encryption, gave us an idea how secure it was, speed and efficiancy
and other aspects.
        Jeremy Porter was next up, and he continued on into the idea of
Digital Cash Payment System being utilized in the near future. The 
presentation consisted of outlining almost every possible way to establish
digital cash, and various ways of banking through a 'global network', in
this case, the internet. He broke down the four following ways of banking
via nets: Netcash, First Virtual, openmarket, and Digicash. Using those
four methods, he then broke them down further and compared/contrasted by
bringing up important issues relating to them. Cost of system, Anonymous
transactions, Reversibility, Scalability, Reliability, Security, Fraud
Resistance, and Appeal to the Merchant. I won't go into details on this, 
but will share a chart he developed to sum it up.

          Cost   Sec   Reverse   Scale   Merch    Priv    Fraud
netcash    5      3       8        7       4       3        5
f.virtl    5      8       7        4       9       7        9
openmkt    3      3       5        5       3       8        10
digicsh    2      2       2        7       3       1        5

                         1=Best  10=Worst 

Averages: Netcash 4.875
          F.Virtl 6.25
          Openmkt 5.625
          Digicsh 3.125

        What all of that means, is that the idea of a digital cash
system, is apparently better in most aspects than the other proposed ideas
of doing banking on the net. Since digicash is still being developed, they
believe that it is the idea of the future, and the most secure/reliable
way of doing cash trasnactions. This is definately something to keep an eye
on in the future.
        Third Speaker: _ McCoy (didn't catch his first name). His topic
was estalishing underground networks, and how they work. Fundamentals of
building a hidden network are using existing tools, making it invisible
to observers, limiting traffic analysis, and using a secure crypto for
information. The core components of this type of network are Client software,
firewalls, and nodes/hosts on the net. He went on to detail how a person
could feasibly establish an underground net from the ground up, establish
security and privacy for it, and maintain it without it being noticed. After
his speech, I have no doubt in my mind that he has an underground net already
up and running somewhere on the net. For more info on this subject:
URL  http://www.io.com/user/mccoy/unternet.

        Before the third speaker, we took a break for lunch and fresh air,
but to keep the continuity of the topics, I went a little out of order. 
During the lunch break, someone passed out a disk that just said "Readme"
on it. Deadkat checked the disk on his notebook and found it had 13 .com
files, and 5 .zip files. Each file was about 3k, just big enough to be a 
virus. After the disks were passed around, someone mentioned "Give viruses,
the gift that keeps on giving". After our lunch run to Taco Bell(ever notice
how there is one close to you no matter where you are?), we came back and
took different seats and prepared for the next string of speakers. As we
were waiting, I met a journalist from Austin that will be starting a new
online zine in the near future, and I am slated to be one of his first
interviewed. Funfun.
        Death Vegitable was the next speaker, and his topic was one that
made people fear the uneducated goverments. A guy named Michael Lantski
(didn't catch what state) was recently arrested for material on his
BBS. Apparently, an 'undercover' agent called into his BBS, and logged on
as a 14 year old kid. From there he DLed some files about making pipe bombs,
made his case, and had the sysop arrested. When he first went to court 
the judge said something to the effect of "This guy is not a criminal, he 
doesn't belong in jails". Later, the judge said something like "this guy
is as bad as the people who bombed the world trade center"...just because
he had files on making pipe bombs. The judge also set bail at $500,000 even
though most murderers only received a $200,000 bail in that state. He was 
then sentenced to 28 months in jail. Point of all this: The first ammendment
should protect cases like this. Death Vegitable had written those pipe bomb
files when he was 15 (he is 21 now), and a sysop who had those files was
jailed for 28 months due to them. His lawyer was quoted "I don't want to
mess with first ammendment stuff". How lame. DV later went on to tell his
ideas on explosives, and mentioned "if you blow your arm off, that is just
explosive darwinism" or something like that. 
        Next came the fun part of the con..the raffle. Drunkfux is the
master of dragging up the most elite of items to be raffled off, and
this time was no exception. I would like to first rub in the fact that
I was the first person to win something, and I know you all will
be breaking my doors down to get it. I am the proud owner of an autographed
Vanilla Ice poster. Thpppt. Other neato prizes included:

        -New Kids on the Block Merchandise
        -AOL Disks with 10 free hours
        -Porn CDRoms
        -Tracy Lords Videos
        -'Ugly' HOPE Shirts
        -Play Cell Phones

The good prizes that I recall:

        -Back issues of 2600
        -A Phone Booth
        -A keyboard (donated by Voyager)
        -Old (hard to find) t-files printed out

Overall, the raffle was a blast, even though all the dweebs got the good
prizes. After the last item was raffled off, Drunkfux announced the next
speaker, and took his seat.

        The second to last speaker was Damien Thorne, writer for Nuts/Volts 
magazine, cellular hacking demi-god, and overall great guy. His presentation 
started out with a video of a news report on cell hacking, that most of us 
had seen, but still got a kick out of. His next video was his own creation, 
and showed a lot of scenes of cellular 'stuff' timed to a groovy tune that he
had picked out. He is still working on the video, so keep an eye out for
it. :)
        Netta Gilboa was the last to hit the stand, carrying her laptop
and setting it up on the podium. After loading her prepared speech, she
began. I would include her speech in here(verbatim) but I wouldn't want
to bore you really...so here are some interesting lines from it. I have
the whole thing on disk since she offered to copy it for anyone, and if
you want to read the whole thing, mail me and I will forward you a copy.
Highlights: [my comments in brackets]

"Treasure tonight..at the rate we're going, there won't be many cons left..
As a community, you need my magazine as much as an individual I need some 
of you[we need her magazine? heh]...Stop judging each other so harshly and 
having a double standard which allows you to be accepted while you tear down 
everyone who is (take your pick) fat, female, black, j00ish, gay, old, press, 
handicapped, etc. It is so much easier for the feds to tear apart a group 
that is already divided... Not surprisingly, the story brought all sorts of 
brushes with law enforcement ranging from copies of Gray Areas being seized 
(as a hacking tool) in the busts of hackers in Colorado...[She mentioned us!] 
Unfortunately, my crystal ball shows that a lot of the people I like most 
are going down too for things they did[according to her, she has a complete
list of who will be busted this year]...1995 hasn't started yet but it's 
gonna be a very rough year... I have no choice but to reveal that all of 
my Net acounts have been compromised[fuckin hackers!!@!]... Santa brought 
me another present this year and the Internet Liberation Front has chosen 
me as their exclusive voice..."
        Even though Netta was supposed to be the last speaker, a hacker
sympathetic lawyer took the stand to answer any legal questions people had
regarding hacking, phreaking, and other devious arts. We decided to leave
since we knew what we were doing was probably deemed bad by the government.

                                Saturday Night

        6th street was the destination for almost everyone it seemed. The
street was reputed to be the best party spot in the whole town, and 'everyone
will be there'. We loaded up the party van with ourselves, and proceeded to
drop by a liqour store for 'spiritual guidance' during the night. We found
parking under the highway in a public parking area. Found it somewhat ironic
that a couple guys were down there making money off it, by 'parking' cars.
Although they were just directing traffic and 'watching your car while you
were gone', they didn't ask for money, but hinted at tips since they can't
legally ask for money for services on a public parking lot. Not a bad idea
though..they probably make more than I do.
        We didn't even get to the end of the first block before we stopped
at one of those huge gyro-dealies where you strap in and go spinning around
at all angles. DK was the first to fork cash over to enjoy the 'ride'.
For almost ten minutes he thrashed about and spun wildly while we made jokes
about throwing rocks at him while he was strapped in. Voyager was next in
line, getting used to being tied down in a big wheel, and adjusting
to having little control over the direction he was travelling. He eventually
got the hang of it, and was soon spinning around having a blast. Last up
was Cavalier, probably the biggest and 'baddest' among us. Ten minutes after
he started, he could barely walk up 6th street without having to stop due
to a greater desire to alleviate his stomach of what was in it.
        It took Voyager all of three seconds to find us a resteraunt when I
said I was hungry. Of course, he didn't look to see what they served, he just
led us in and asked for a table. Turns out we were in a cajun seafood joint
that sounded quite good to all of us. The tables we sat at were covered with
paper and a cup of crayons hinted that we were to have fun drawing while
we waited for our food. DK, Voyager, Rage, and myself sat at our table, and
that was the focus of dinner because Cav was sick as hell, and decided fresh
air and the bathroom to be better places for him. TP and Blair took off 
outside since she didn't care for seafood and they wanted to hang out
together some. After placing our orders with our extrememly hot waitress,
the four of us proceeded to litter our table with bell logo's, our handles,
and other catchy phrases. We figured the next people sitting here would
get to read it, or it would be hung on the wall with others that we saw
as we sat down. As Rage was completing a nice drawing of a cell phone,
our waitress returned with several bowls of what we assumed was our food.
She asked who had ordered the sausage and Rage quickly spoke up, and quickly
regretted it. She took the bowl and dumped it in front of him on his graffiti
and proceeded to ask who had ordered the shrimp and sausage. I didn't know
if I wanted to raise my hand. It ended up that we were all to eat with
our hands, and our food on the table. Quite unique to most of us, but we
adapted and began to eat.
        I am fond of taking quotes from our conversations and using them
in files like this or CoTNO, so I kept my ears open. Throughout the first
part of the meal I missed a lot, and desperately wished I could remember
them, but oh well. Voyager gave me some paper and his pen so I could write
a few down, but ended up losing them. The only ones of note you can guess

"I can't write with this shrimp piss around." - Dis

"Wonder what part of the pig they made this out of?" - Voy

        Part of our meal was spent opening our food with our hands. I had
the pleasure of ripping the heads off each of the shrimp I ate, while DK
enjoyed breaking a crab apart as well as ripping the heads and legs off
each of his crawldads(or is it crawdads). Amazingly violent, but quite
tasty I thought. Either way, the food was good, and the amount of culture
we received at that sitting was more than we were used to. Everyone finished
eating, so we gathered ourselves up to hit the street again, ready for the
new year to come and go like a new code (had to put one lame simile in there
        Current laws dictate that you may not have an open container of
alchohol on public streets, and may not imbibe it if you do have it.
Since we had three bottles among us, it was new years, and we don't give
a shit about the law, we kinda indulged ourselves. Due to the fact that 
the streets were littered with police, and thousands of other people, we
had to disguise our drinking. Group Hugs were quite frequent among us.
As the group got together to hug each other signifying their love toward
the others, one of us would kneel down and chug like hell. How touching eh?
It took less than two hours to finish two of the three bottles we were 
carrying. We had walked a mile or so up one side of the street, and noticed
that things were thinning out, so I led the group across the street and
back down the road toward where we had come from. 
        Back down the road we went, most of us considerably more happy
than we had been going up the road. It took a little longer to get back
to our starting point due to various stops along the way. The most memorable
was a rad store that sold everything from posters to comics, from stickers
to bongs, and other rad stuff. DK and I argued over buying some new Clockwork
Orange shirts that we saw in there, that neither of us had seen anywhere
else, but our desire for gas money on the way home was a bit stronger.
We eventually reached the party van and piled in to kick back and relax
for a few minutes before heading back out.
        While relaxing, I missed the first sentence of a conversation that
I regret now. The second sentence should tell you why: "If you like an 
enema, you'll dig this" (- Deadkat). Silence filled the air along with
scared looks and curiosity. After several comments and jokes about what
he had said, we had ascertained that he was reffering to Yagermeister, our
third bottle. Jokes died down and we eventually became a little more quiet,
only to be interupted by another great quote: "Its deer blood?!? You didn't 
have to tell me that" (- Rage). I didn't even ask where it came from, but
shortly after he handed me the same bottle to pass along. Funny how one
bottle can produce so much humor, even without the liquor.
        DK and Rage finished off the bottle before we gathered the energy
to go back out and face the crowd. The new year was less than 30 minutes
away, giving inspiration for a hurried pace. Wouldn't want to miss that 
critical second and be in the wrong place would we? Three blocks up held
the biggest group of people, a huge countdown clock, and the most noise,
so naturally, we stopped there. The new year came, and we rejoiced, and
screamed and toasted(handshakes since we were out of fluids) to having
a decent year behind us, and a potentially good year to come.
        Things wound down from there, and we headed back toward the hotel
to catch some sleep. It was our intention to crash, and then go back to
the hotel to visit more people from the con since a lot would still be there.
Our plans were changed for us as we arrived back at the hotel. A decent
sized group of people had grouped in the guy's room above us, and we went
to join in on whatever was going on. We found out that eight of the people 
had been waiting for us, so it ended up being fifteen people in our small
hotel room. Quite the party eh? Cellular was the main topic, with other 
people talking about the scene, and what was happening in it. We tried
to break away after a while so that we could do some stuff of our own in
our room. We had grabbed Damien Thorne, Plexor, and yLe since all three were
well versed with cells. It ended up being a pretty big crowd since most 
everyone from above followed one person or another down to our room.
The next three hours were spent mostly teaching other people that had come
in the room. Everything from net hacking to diverting, to a little system
hacking. All in all a fun time.
        Fours hours of sleep and we were back up and ready to go. Most of us 
had had good nights, and most of us woke up just fine. Rage and myself were
less fortunate. It seems TP and/or Blair kicked the shit out of him, waking
him up sometime on Sunday morning. That alone didn't wake me up, but after
several minutes of annoying 'tapping', I told someone "Quit tapping on the
table", I later found out, they weren't 'tapping' on any table. Breakfast
and fresh air were taken first so we could all fully wake up. TP and Blair
stayed behind in the room relaxing and playing Space Quest 1 again.
Cavalier drove us over to the Ramada where we could chat about whatever and
say our goodbyes(and hello's in some cases) to people. Most of the 
morning and early afternoon was spent talking to various people and just 
hanging out in the hotel lobby. As time passed, people thinned out, leaving 
a much smaller crowd. We had lost Cavalier earlier while the four of us 
were being social. Afternoon wound itself into evening, so people started
making dinner plans. During the debate about where to eat, and who was
to drive, Drunkfux mentioned that he wanted to interview TNo. We had planned
to do it after dinner, but TP and Cav showed up, so we all sat down on a long 
couch and began right then.
        It took almost a full hour to complete it, mostly because of our
commentaries, or opinions on each other's comments. Drunkfux ended up asking
very little, since DK and Voyager asked everyone questions for him. It was 
a blast having the whole group there talking to someone else about our agenda
and past accomplishments. Voyager had a blast insulting police officers and
law enforcement in general while a local officer watched on the whole 
proceeding. We gave our advice to whoever ends up watching the video and
wrapped things up. (I am cutting this short because I hope the video of the
con will contain the highlights of our interview, or he will make the whole
thing available to us later).
        Japanese was the first idea on food, and everyone had agreed at some
point or another, yet we ended up at Chuck E Cheeses. Pizza was close enough
for most of us. We ended up taking a bunch of people including Damien, 
ourselves, and a few others. During the ride, someone popped in Offspring
and we began our mosh...again. I do recall getting my head smashed against
a camera, so watch for that on video somewhere. :)
        CeC's was quite different than most of us remembered as kids. 
Instead of being littered with arcade games, there were tons of kids games, 
rides, and a big play area. In one small corner were about 15 arcade games, 
all older than us it seemed. We took turns ordering our food and drink, and 
were happy to note that we each received tokens for the game with our food 
purchases. Voyager and I headed toward the small area of games to see what 
was fun. I noticed Swampe Ratte deep in his game of Centipede, so we kept 
heading back. Eventually we found Gauntlet(elite game) and watched as 
Rambone, Count Zero, Death Vegitable, and one other battle their way through 
the maze. Drunkfux came in to let them know their pizza was ready, so 
Cavalier, Voyager, and myself took over their game for them, and proceeded 
to kick some ass. Our fun only lasted a few minutes as our pizza was ready 
as well.
        Fortunately for us, the tables were aranged in such a way that we 
could all sit at one long table. Just as we sat down, Chuck E Cheese himself 
started speaking to us. What..don't you remember the live show at that 
place? We took turns cracking jokes about what he said, and the video's 
they showed advertising 'new movies' that most of us had passed up last 
summer. Drunkfux took turns eating and getting us on camera, and that night 
alone promises some funny event on the h0h0 tape that is to come. The best 
quote I could get for that night came from Rambone: "Can I buy beer with 
these Chuck E Cheese tokens?". 
        We dumped everyone off at the hotel, saying our farewells from the 
van as Cavalier drove off. On the way back we gased up the van, since plans 
had changed and we decided to leave that night. As soon as we arrived at 
the hotel, we made mad dashes between the van and the room loading everything 
up. Yes, we had 7 people in one room to cut down on costs, and I think 
Voyager *accidentally* told the receptionist two people would be staying. 
Oops. It was midnight before we were off and on the road heading back to 
Denver, most of us quite tired. I was the designated driver for the first 
leg since Cavalier was barely able to stand, and it would give him a 
chance to sleep so he could drive later. The entire ride back was basically 
uneventful due to everyone sleeping the whole time. I don't recall seeing 
TP, Blair, Rage, or Voyager awake for more than ten minutes for the first 
10 hours of the drive. DK was up most of the time to watch the road and 
read some new lit he got during the con. I couldn't keep myself awake 
enough to read or write(this file), so it is a little late in coming out.

        That about sums the trip up, sorry to drag it out. A lot of the 
stuff mentioned in here was more of a 'location joke' and you just had to 
be there. If you ever have the chance to go to h0h0, or any other con like 
it, I would definately recommend it. 

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