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                              File 101

        Well, the big news is we finally hit 100 files. Took just about
one year and nine months, but we did it. After a nice month long rest,
we are back with a few more files, so kick back and read up.

        First, some news about the group and other rants.

        The group will continue to release as files come in. 100 is not
a stopping point by any means. I will continue to edit the files(grammar
and spelling), and releasing them. I will do so under a different name
from here on out(more on that later).

        Many of the original writers have kind of split up. One of the
more popular has dedicated himself to the Army here in a few months. Despite
the fact that I call him crazy for doing so, I know he will do quite fine
and probably teach the army a thing or two. We can hope at least. :) If you
have the chance drop fastjack a line and wish him well. Loki and Overdriver
are doing well. From talking with Loki recently, both are quite happy, both
enjoying social lives and all that stuff. Max Headroom has been busy working
almost as much as me, but making more money for some reason. Bastard!

        Up here in Three-Oh-Three, things are about the same. Not a whole
hell of a lot happening really, same old shit for each of us. I have taken
to working about 65 hours a week as well as maintaining a life on the
outside of computers.

        As I mentioned above, I will be releasing my files under a 'new'
handle. Instead of Damanstian at the end of each file, you will now see
DisordeR. I have decided to consolidate my handles, and go with one instead
of a few. You may have seen the nick on IRC or at the bottom of the CoTNO
'zines, and yes, that is me too.

        If you need to reach me for any reason, mail me at the accounts
below, as I check mail on both almost daily. If you wish to submit a file,
then mail it to one of those places as well. Please don't UL it to any
board as I don't call all of them due to time constraints.

        People have also mentioned that the FUCK-FAQ and FUCK-APP are
very outdated. Since it is hard to keep that up to date as well as widely
distributed, just use the bottom of the most current file as a reference
on how to reach me. If you don't have internet mail access, check local BBS's
as they often have internet gateways. There are also many BBS nets that have
mail gateways as well. I still hang out on IRC here and there, these days
I am on as DisordeR typically on #F.U.C.K., #phreak, #cellular, or in limbo.
Feel free to message me and chat if you want. Take into account I am usually
on three to five channels when I am on, so bare with me if replies are
delayed. Thanks goes out to Shockwave for keeping up #F.U.C.K. He can almost
always be found on there keeping the channel going. When the writers are
on IRC they usually try to get on the channel as well, so keep an eye out.

        If you read the files and have a good idea for a new file, and don't
like to write, consider yourself literary challenged or whatever, mail your
idea to one of the writers or myself. We can act as ghost writers and get
your idea or vision or commentary out there. Credit will be given to you
if you wish, or you can remain anonymous. Just mail anything from a sentence
or two, to a few paragraphs. If you wish a paticular writer to ghost write
for you, mention that and I can pass it along.

        That will wrap it up for me..this file was originaly going to be
a compilation of comments from many of the writers, but several couldn't
get to me for various reasons, others decided not to carry through with
the idea. Along with this file, three others are being released, including one
from Shockwave, so check those out as well.

                              no longer Dam

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