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        Like usual, I got in another argument the other day with my 
stepfather, but this time I can't help but think that the 
generation gap is way too big. As we were walking out the door 
to get a bite to eat, he asked me where I wanted to go. I told 
him "somewhere where I can wear a hat" or something like that. 
It had been a long day, and since my hair is growing out, it 
was rather annoying hanging in my face. He replied with 
something like "You can wear it there, but not inside". 
Anyway, we argued a bit about me wearing a hat while eating. 
Eventually he came back with "It's bad manners to wear a hat 
inside". Hmm. I told him "Manners by nature change". He said 
they didn't.

man-ner \'man-er\ n [blah blah] 1 a: KIND,SORT [blah blah]
2 a: a characteristic or customary mode of acting : custom
b: social conduct or rules of conduct as shown in the 
prevalent customs  c: characteristic or distinctive bearing, 
air, or deportment  d: habitual conduct or deportment  e: a 
distinguished or stylish air.

        Hmm. Seems that manners are dictated by current 
standards set by society. Society of today, not 20 years ago. 
Sure, back in his time wearing a hat inside was something you 
just didn't do. More or less because his father told him not 
to, and his father before him probably. If that is the case, 
then wearing a hat in public is not bad manners, nor good 
manners. It is done by many people, so therefore acceptable to 
those people. Since you can't make over 50% of the people 50% 
happy, (fuck that 100% stuff), it seems you should do what 
makes you comfortable or happy.
        Thinking about that, how many times do you catch 
yourself doing something trivial and stopping yourself because 
it is socially unnacceptable or considered bad manners? Look 
at it this way. If it is accepted by most kids under 20 to 
carry a gun to school, then who gives a shit if you spit in 
public, wear a hat, dye your hair a different color, pierce 
your ear more than once etc? For every lame 'manner' or 
fashion out there, there will be one that always stays in; And 
that is whatever it takes to make you happy.                  
        Just the other day, I was waiting at a stop light, and 
as I looked over, a lady(about 45 years old) walks over to the 
gutter, and spits on the road. At first, I thought that was 
pretty crude, but after a minute, I realized that it wasn't 
any different than me doing it, or a 45 year old man. Who 
cares? This world has enough problems to be worrying about 
getting insulted because someone else did something you don't 
        Don't listen to your parents or teachers if they tell 
you something is 'bad manners'. Stop and evaluate and see if it 
is still done today. See who would look at you funny, and who 
else does it. That will tell you if it is bad manners or not. 
It isn't dictated by out of date parentals.

        Anyway, so next time you are in a resteraunt, and 
see some guy with a hat on, feet up on the table, talking with 
his mouth full, belching while scratching between the legs, say
 'hi' to me.

                        -wouldn't you know it

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