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                                What Next?

        Some people just don't get it. Recent events have prompted this
file as you will see. First, you need to know the series of events,
and then what occured to lead to each.
        File 72 was released by Fractal Illusion. If you are reading
this one, then you probably read the last and know the content of 
the last file. All about rag wars, the people who start them, and
what happens to boards that have rag wars. Everyone who BBSs can 
associate with rag wars and lamers that start them, and that file
just gives a good example of what it has and can cause.
        In the file were several handles of 303 lamers that continually
started rag wars, as well as preached how elite they were. One of the
handles, Death By Barbeque(DBBQ from here on) was one of the handles
mentioned. Anyway, the file gets distributed and most people don't
think much of it after that. Low and behold, the "fit hits the shan"
after it is released.
        Aparently, DBBQ printed the file, and as he was reading it,
his mommy walked by and saw the header. Needless to say, she was 
appalled at such language and the name of the group. She then read
the file herself and decided to give the author, Frac, a call. Now,
being nothing like a phreak or anything, I know nothing of what the 
phone call was about but rumors reached me. After instituting an
"HPseizure" I found out!
        She started out by reading the file and was thoroughly aghast
when Frac mentioned that he HAD read the file before(imagine that). 
She berated him for his use of "one syllable" words and condemned 
the education system for it(like fuck and shit?). Next, accusations 
were shot across the phones, and Frac was labeled as "someone who did 
illegal stuff every day" or something like that. After playing twenty 
questions about various "elite" people in the area, she then was so 
nice as to give a warning "this file has bad language, and you could 
lose your phone services because of it!"(hahaha).
        Is it just me, or do we have the basic right to publish our
opinions, and what we observe? That file was put on various BBSs across
the nation but no one was forced to download it. No one was forced to
read it. It wasn't posted on any nets for anyone to read. DBBQ downloaded
it, printed it out, and read it. It was his choice to do that, but his 
mommy had to step in and decide to try to control what was published. 
From what I understand and heard since then, she said something like 
"this is spread nationally and my son's reputation will be ruined".
        Hello? What reputation? DBBQ is shunned by out of the closet lamers
and everyone else in 303. He continually changes his handle so that
he can get on boards, and then gets deleted off of them because of
being such a lamer. He had to continually change his board name because 
of the bad rep it always had. Now you tell me, who gives a shit about 
his rep? He already ruined it himself. No text file did it, and I doubt 
it even added to the already bad reputation.
        DBBQ's mommy sounds like the kind of person that would just 
as soon control every thought, word, idea, and everything else she 
could. No more free speech, no more free thoughts, no more personal 
opinion. I think at the end of the last file, Frac mentions "putting 
a fucking bullet in their head" or something. Welp, he is right, but 
we need to do this to those people who want to control others' thoughts.
I guess it is good that she read one file, too bad she won't go back
and read all the others so that she could catch a clue as to what the
group is about, and what problems are REALLY out there these days.
        Either way, that was one of many things that lead Frac to
quit running his board. It was undoubtedly one of the more popular 
boards in the area, but no more. Now, since I called that board
occasionally, I am kinda pissed that it is down. Revenge comes to mind,
but I don't think so. I could go and post DBBQ's real name, real phone
number, his parents name, his parents credit info, etc. Or, I could
print up a nice anonymous letter telling her everything her little
son has done in the past and what laws he has broken, but I think
I will leave them alone. Just let them wallow in their own lameness
for being stuck up bastards who are the REAL menace to society.

        Uh oh. I shouldn't have said that. Now I imagine I will get
a call from his mommy too! Oh no! Actually, I imagine that would just
make my day. Nothing like sitting down and talking about all this shit
over a diet coke in the afternoon. Bah. Let her call. She got Frac's
voice number, and if she cares to get mine, I would love to chat with
her about all this. Call away miss Barbeque, lets have a little chat 
about things. We can chat about the world today, Frac's file, what your
son has done in the past, or whatever else.

        Free speech and the right to print what we believe in will 
never die.


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