=  F.U.C.K. - Fucked Up College Kids - Born Jan. 24th, 1993 - F.U.C.K.  =


        Amazing. As you may have noticed, but probably didn't, 
F.U.C.K. is now one year old. All things considered, not bad.
I have been thinking on this file, and debating on whether or not
to make it serious, or just stream of conscience but either way,
I figured a quick little file with nothing too important would be
nice, especially since we don't have any humorous files from OD
or anyone else recently. 

        A year ago, Doc Z and I sat down at IHOP and talked about
how cool it would be to get any words out that we wanted, and we
started thinking. I took it a little more seriously than he did,
but either way, F.U.C.K. was born. As you can see, he wrote one
file, and now doesn't want anything to do with the group. Don't
ask why, but I think it was because BBSing became real political
in 806 for a while. Anyway, lame place to BBS so stay out of 806
if you can help it, except Purple Hell. So we had my own board
at the time as the only dist. site and we ULed them to a few
places in 806. Now we have dist. sites in 9 area codes, some
with a few boards in each. Not bad.
        Throughout the year a lot has happened directly related to,
or affecting the group. New people writing, new boards becoming
dist. sites, some members dropping out, etc. I moved out of 806
as well and despite all that, we have stayed together somewhat.
I must admit that we are a little smaller than before, and recently
only three other people have been keeping up with things but hey,
that's how it goes. fastjack has now become a major part of the group
and has kicked out some really good files. Since he expressed so much
interest, I kinda dumped some 'administrative' shit on him and he 
handled that as well. 
        You have to take into account, that I can't call long distance
right now for various reasons so I rely on WWIVshitmail for a bulk
of F.U.C.K. affairs. Anyway, fastjack is now handling dist. sites,
distribution everywhere except 303, and some other stuff. So a ton of
thanks goes out to him. Acid Warlock has kept up, written a little more,
handled some distribution affairs, built up his board(call it) and been
going to school, and once again, many thanx to him. Last, and sometimes
least( :) ) Max Headroom has kept me up to date on all the BULLSHIT
that has been going on in 806. You'd be surprised at how much can go
        I guess that is going to conclude it for me. Files are 
slowing down, but we are not out of the picture by any means. Hopefully
you will keep reading them, passing them along, and words will get out
and help this shithole we are forced to live in. So anyway, a few
words from fastjack and some greets and that is all for now.

thanx to:  DOS edit, stupid people, fastjack, TN0, H/P/V/C,
           internet, Max Headroom for finally mailing my disks,
           diet coke, music, VIRaXe, Taco Cabana and dollar
           margaritas, C.V.C.C., Loki, PGT, and more.


     Well, this should please some folks.  Yes, I'm off my ass and writing 
some little things.  Gotta write this, cuz this is for F.U.C.K. for existing
for over a year now.  Neat.

Wellll, I would like to thank Dam for giving me the opportunity to write
what I think, and what I feel about the world.  I'd like to thank Larry for 
giving me an excuse to watch bad movies and write reviews about them.  Other
greets and thanks and all that suchstuff go out to AW, Zach D., Jakyl, all
those folks I drank Shiner with, Zippy especially, the few 806 BBSers that 
don't suck, and all that.  /