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                                Growing Old

        Next time you are in a mall or public place, or driving
down the street, take a second to look around for an elderly person.
Once you see one or two, take a second look at them and see what 
kind of emotion or facial expression they have.

        The more I look around, the more I notice old people are
not happy. It is rare to see a blue haired lady smiling for
no apparent reason. Old men are getting so grumpy and anti-social
it seems kind of wierd. When you visit your grandparents it isn't
like that, but all these others you see aren't exactly winning
the Congeniality award. More and more you see scowls, frowns, sneers,
and everything else, but no smile.
        Think about why though. I mean, you have a person that
has lived life to their fullest, is now enjoying the days pass by
with no obligations, plenty of free time, and no pressure. The
only obligations are financial, but the government is paying for
a lot of that. Pressure of society is the only other thing for them
to worry about, but they choose to go out in rush hour traffic driving
10 miles below the speed limit.
        Must be boredom. Day in and day out of nothing to do, nowhere
new to go, few people to hang out with. As an old person it seems you
either know a few people your age, or a ton. The latter if you are
a member of a retirement community or something.
        Their attitudes. Ever talk to any old people? Ever overhear
what they say? Needless to say, they pretty much look down on society
today, and the people in it. Yes, they did have better conditions
of living when they were younger, and yes, they were enjoying life
more(maybe), and yes everything was just skippy. Now they look
at how bad society has become, the violence, the polution, the 
poverty, and the countless other problems. Ever notice who they
blame? "Teenagers today just don't repect themselves or each other."
"This world is going to hell in a hand basket." Things like that
come from them condemning the younger members of society. One thing
to say to that:
        "Look who raised us."

        As for me growing old, I know I have a ways to go before I
am anywhere near old, but I think I want to die fairly quickly around
the age of 50. By then, things should be going well, and if they aren't
then they never will get better for me. By then I am looking at 
retirement and can't stand to sit around for 5-20 years doing nothing.
Not my style. So a big car accident or something to put an end to 
everything just after I turn 50. That should do the trick nicely and
make sure I am not condemned to suffer long days of eating mashed
greens through a straw or anything.

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