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                                That's It

        People suck in a major way. I have new career aspirations
now. I want to become the president for one reason. So I can fuckin'
nuke our own country and save time a little effort. Given, a few
more years at this pace and our society is going to digress to living
hell, but why not just get it over with? People don't deserve to live
        Fate(hate) has brought me to work at Computer City. A nice
big computer warehouse that sells any computer related item. Welp,
a few days ago we submitted an advertisement to a local newspaper
and behold, today the ad was printed. Ooops. They kinda misprinted
one of our computer systems. Something like a 486/25 with 200 meg
hard drive, and a gob of other peripheals etc, advertised at $129
dollars. Yep, the ad should have said $1299 dollars. No big deal
though, since at the bottom of the ad it has a disclaimer that mentions
no one can be held to those prices in the event of a misprint.
        People are too fucking greedy/stupid though. They see that and
run down to the store to bother me about it. First two people through
the door ask me where that system is. I quickly explain and they start
bitching. I then point out the disclaimer that they ignored, and they
bitch more. Finally they ask to speak to management, somehow expecting
a manager to honor that so we can take a $1000 loss on a system. Sure,
no problem!
        I mean, it is complete, unadulterated stupidity that would make
someone think that that kind of system is going out the door for that
price. They come to the store, not calling to check the price, and 
start crying at everyone that we are evil by going back on our word.
This system is advertised inbetween two other comparable systems, each
for around 1200 dollars, but common sense doesn't kick in and tell them
something may be wrong.
        The people that bitch at me to get a manager, and then bitch
for the manager to honor that price are the ones that are fucking ignorant.
It is so simple. So clear. So plain. Whoosh. Right over their close minded
heads. My absolute favorite person was the one who called the newspaper
and demanded that they pay the difference. Fuckin' ignorant.
        I could go on and on about other customers bitching about
everything from return policy to being out of a paticular item. 

        If you own a PC, don't ignore those big red letters saying 
MAC when you buy software. If you purchase something, read the return
policy BEFORE the policy expires. Use common sense and the brain you
were(or should have been) given.

Dam(ned all to hell today)

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