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        You ever get that feeling that you are all alone out there?
That everyone around you is a fucking moron that needs to be shot?
Ever catch yourself saying how much society sucks? That Americans
have really become a bunch of wimps? That shit ain't right in general?

        From that alone I guess you can tell that it crosses my mind
occassionaly. Thing is, how do we fix it? Stupidity is taking society
by the reins and leading it into a sewer somewhere yet no one will
try to stop it. Ok, a few people do but they are immediately beat
down for being creative and using their intelligence. It seems that
every day more and more people finally meld into the background, 
repeating yesterday, and the day before. Thing is, they think it is
just routine, and begin to slack off in a big way. That is why you see
so many accidents on the road these days. Each and every person in 
the other car is just some mindless drone, intent upon living that
hellish life of sleep-work-bitch-sleep. Maybe, just maybe, if you are
reading this, then you actually have a brain, and you use it more than
once a month. If so, then as you look around, you must realize that
you are almost alone in the real world. Why do you think you spend so
much time logged into BBSes and other online services? Because
stupidity stops when people use a modem. And what little stupidity does
slip through, stops itself on lame boards or confines itself to prodigy
and compuserve, and other dummy-proof services.
        Ok. Now that you realize how many morons are out there, what
can you do about it? Nothing most people say. Hell, I say it all the
time to myself even though I would like nothing more than to beat 
the common sense into someone. Unfortunately, that won't help a thing
from what I have been told. Hmm. What happened to creative thought?
What happened to individuality? People today are so dull as they take
the same route home, never leave the supermarket, work, or their home,
and never get out and experience what life is all about. Life isn't
about working 9-5 and becoming rich and having a nice house and car.
Sure that may sound all neato and everything but think about it. Would
you rather work in a stuffy building with people you don't like making
a lot of money, or would you rather work in a great atmosphere with 
other creative people making less money? If you think the first one, then
delete this file, turn your 'puter off, and shoot yourself please. Maybe
not in the head, but in the leg or something. You deserve it.
        May sound lame to some, but take a few minutes out of your day,
and go do something you usually don't. I don't care if it is taking
a different route home, eating a chili dog on a diet, or flying to
the Alps for skiing. Just do something away from the usual day. And don't
do it on a weekend like you do everything else. Take some days off
work and do it then, and maybe work on a weekend to make up for it.
Doesn't matter what, just do it. Anything different. Start with that
and get creativity back in your life. Don't accept what TV and newspapers
say about society and how bad it is. There are still plenty of good
places that you can go and enjoy life, so find them.
        Society Sucks. Too many problems to go into detail, but the
idea should get the point across. Everything from litter on the side of
the road, to exhaust and other pollution, to 50% of teens carrying guns. 
I know that is high but you may be surprised. Anyway, everything in
todays society is getting out of hand. The only thing that isn't is
free thoughts, and happiness. Forget pollution, forget violence, forget
every other bad thing that news shows beat into your head. Concentrate
on a few good things, and become a free thinker. Express your ideas to
others(without forcing them on others) and try to help things around
you. DON'T just go with the flow if you think you can improve something.
If Fred brings all glazed donuts to the office every day, and you don't
like glazed, tell him. If you don't like all this bullshit political
corruption, write to someone, spread the word, or run for office. May
sound far fetched but it makes a hell of a lot more sense than sitting
there taking this shit.
        America. Land of the Brave. Hah! That is the joke of the year.
We are talking about the same Americans that drive 10 MPH under the speed
limit because they are afraid of a small accident, the same ones who
won't stand up and fight for free speech, etc. 'At least pain is real...'
(Pump Up the Volume). Pain is real. It makes life worth living because if
you don't experience pain, you don't know the opposite, pleasure. Without
one, the other doesn't exist. If you rarely experience pain in your life,
whether physical, emotional, or whatever, then you really aren't enjoying
life to its fullest. May sound kind of wierd and demented, but it is true.
Don't worry 100% about living in luxury. Have at least *1* hardship in 
your life as a reminder that all the other good things you enjoy, are that
much better, and that much more worth it.
        Shit ain't right. Anyone that opens their eyes will see this. 
If you think you are aware, and won't agree with that statement, you
need help. Politicians cut money from police, schools, and fire departments
almost every year. It is considered a victory if that area does NOT
receive a cut in their yearly budget. What is wrong with that? They
should be getting more money to help with today's fucked up society.
Where does all the money go if not to those areas? Think about it and
then take a second to find out where it went and why. After you do,
and after you realize that a politician lied about his plans, spread
that new found knowledge with everyone you know. Just a passing word
about it will no doubt have an effect on the next vote. If you tell
your friends, and they do likewise, the effects are startling.

        To sum it up. Just do something besides your daily routine.
Anything at all as long as it is different.


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