printed: F.U.C.K. Poetry Venture #019

        enter, stage (life) left.
        Angels with wings made of smoke and mirrors.
        False experts in a new technology world.
        Almost leaders taking us into uncertainty
        Ability to sync, reach out, find your own
        Lashing out in confused direction
        Problems of old manifest in new medium
        False deity, religious cries, throwback
        Holy war played out in statistics and debate
        New god's decree lost to deaf ears
        Money and power the old driving force
        our sick puppeteer defining societal norm
        once good people swayed by its charm
        growing and learning, life's lessons on television
        binding morals or past ethics lost in youth
        chivalry an outcast, replaced by ignorant evil
        child protege, look beyond the force feed
        challenge the world or be ripped off
        regardless, you will inherit this plague
        today a victim, tomorrow responsible
        your future a curse