cats : snowcrash


Snowcrash. The paranoid one.. if you didn't know better, you would be sure I was out to kill him.


My second son: SnowCrash (sleeping). When you hold him, he is fond of digging his face in your arm.

01-04-12 crash03

01-04-26 crash02

01-07-03 crash in the headlights

01-07-03 crash on back

01-09-24 crash wrap01

01-11-01 crash-perch1

01-11-07 crash-lit-up

01-11-24 crash-chess01

01-11-24 crash-glove03

01-11-24 crash-post-catnip01

01-11-24 crash-pursuit01

01-11-24 crash3

One of the many times he is worried that someone might kill him.

02-02-19 crash01

Never know who is around the corner, ready to kill him..

02-02-19 crash02

02-02-20 crash

02-03-31 crash4

Spot the cat? Glad i didn't jump in bed..

02-04-06 crash-mouse1

Kind of unsettling having him be a vulture while you work..

02-04-06 crash-sun2

03-06-16 boxes

99-09-01 crash1

No, he isn't trained like that..

99-09-01 crash2

When 'nuclear green' slurpees go to the head

99-09-01 crash3

99-09-01 crash4

Evil cats have different colored eyes.

99-09-01 crash5

Crash loves his Red Dawt(tm)

cat tribute 001

Cancer Omega makes tribute to Crash..

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