cats : roadblock


00-02-10 roadblock

One of his favorite places to sleep is on top of a monitor. This is often amusing, watching an 18 pound cat jump on top of a 19" monitor.

01-01-26 roadblock

01-02-04 roadblock

Waiting for the Mother Ship...

01-02-15 roadblock

01-03-25 block-sink2

Block has always had a fetish for tubs and sinks.

01-04-12 roadblock06

01-04-12 roadblock09

Roadblock's bean bag.

01-04-30 r.. monitor02

01-07-17 block couch

01-07-17 block nudge

01-08-02 roadblock01

01-08-29 r..block bag1

01-09-24 b.. keyboards

01-10-09 roadblock01

01-11-01 b..k-pumpkin3

Every so often I try to bring something home for the kids to sniff. Block was very happy with this halloween gift.

01-11-24 block07

02-01-21 roadblock1

Almost artistic.

02-01-21 roadblock2

Cute Toadblock.

02-01-23 r..k-chipmunk

I usually call this "prairy dogging" but Block is a bit too fat for that and looks a lot like a chipmunk. CHUNKY BLOCK.

02-02-19 block06

02-02-20 block2

02-02-20 block3


02-02-20 block4

He rarely eats. *snicker*

02-02-20 block5

02-02-20 block6

02-03-06 block-jump

Block jumped from desk to my lap. He is heavy.

02-03-06 block-kitchen

02-03-28 block-alien


02-03-28 block-leg

You put your left leg out...

02-05-08 b..adioactive

I thik the sign explains many things about Roadblock

02-06-05 block-bump2

What an action shot! Roadblock can't quite jump from the floor to counter reliably, so he has to launch from the toilet.

02-06-05 block-chixen1

When you leave a chicken sammich unattended..

02-06-05 block-chixen2

02-06-05 block-chixen5


02-06-05 block-chixen6

see! i'm cute! and innocent!

02-08-09 block03

03-05-10-dell box


03-07-27 sink

03-09-01 block-flower

03-09-01 flower

03-11-20 block-food


Less than a year old, already showing signs he was destined to be plump.


Bump's little brother Roadblock.. aka "alien cat". Taken when he was a year or so old.

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