General Attrition Mayhem

A generic mail list. Information about, new content, changes and downtime will be posted. Further, interesting articles and a bit of humor will no doubt cross the list. It is not a discussion list.


This is Rick Forno's primary announcement and commentary list. Items covered include distributing new commentary and articles and occasional items of interest in the technology, security, policy and current events areas. List subscribers include journalists, geeks, political folks and average interested people.

Nikto Discuss

A discussion list for the Nikto web scanner. Topics include announcements, help & support, code changes and more.

Data Loss

Data Loss is a mail list that covers topics such as news releases regarding large-scale data loss, data theft, and identify theft incidents. Discussion about incidents, indictments, legislation, and recovery of lost or stolen data is encouraged. [Note: Dataloss began as a list on attrition before being taken over by OSF and moved to its own domain.]

ISN: InfoSec News

InfoSec News is a privately run, medium traffic list that caters to distribution of information security news articles. These articles will come from newspapers, magazines, online resources, and more. [Note: ISN began as a list on attrition before being taken over by WK and moved to its own domain.]

Disclaimer: We will unsubscribe any e-mails that send vacation messages, "full mailbox" errors, or qualities of a vanity forward. Please don't come crying to us if you can't subscribe to or unsubscribe from the list on your own.

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