Subject: [w00giving '99 #14] AVirt's Rover v1.1 POP3 server

Release Date: December 27, 1999

Systems Affected: Rover v1.1 POP3 server (Windows NT) and possibly other

About The Software:
Rover is a full-featured Internet server software package that POP3 and


UssrLabs found a remote buffer overflow that results in a
Denial-of-Service attack from improper bounds checking of the
username.  When a lengthy username (10000+ characters) is passed (via the
USER command), it causes the server to crash.

Do you do the w00w00?
This advisory also acts as part of w00giving. This is another contribution
to w00giving for all you w00nderful people out there. You do know what
w00giving is don't you?

Binary or source for this DoS:
Vendor Status: Contacted

Program URL:

Upgrade to Avirt Mail 3.5 or Avirt Mail v4 RC1

eEye, Attrition, w00w00, beavuh, Rhino9, ADM, L0pht, HNN, Technotronic and

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