Subject: [w00giving '99 #12] FBLI Software's DNS PRO v5.7 (USSR)

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Release Date: December 21, 1999
Systems Affected: DNS PRO v5.7 and possibly others.


DNS PRO v5.7 for WinNT has a denial of service (DoS) caused by a 
multiples connections at the same time (over 30) to its port 53.
If DNS PRO v5.7 is running as service, the CPU utilization will
reach 100%.

Do you do the w00w00?
This advisory also acts as part of w00giving.  This is another
contribution to w00giving for all you w00nderful people out there.  You do
know what w00giving is don't you?

Binary or source for this Problem:
Vendor Status: Contacted

FBLI Software has reported that the problem will soon be fixed.

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