Our friends over at NMRC like replying to these cretin too. Oh look, a legitimate link to another site without mails begging for it!

From: Simple Nomad (thegnome[at]nmrc.org)
To: Karissa Adair (karissa@cyberactivemarketing.com)
Cc: mark@swinvest.com, eli@swinvest.com, michelle@swinvest.com
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 14:22:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Link Exchange Request from SWInvest.com

On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 10:47 +0000, Karissa Adair wrote:
:  I came across your website http://www.nmrc.org, and would like to
: propose a link exchange between your site and SWInvest.com.

Really? You came across a hacker site and thought that we'd be a great
fit for a link exchange? Please tell me more!

:  Southwestern Investment Group, Inc. (SWIG) is an entrepreneurial real
: estate development and management company known for its quality work,
: outstanding service and impressive investment yields.

Wow! You want a link exchange for an entrepreneurial real estate
development and management company known for its quality work AND
outstanding service AND impressive investment yields? That is so fucking
cool! Just imagine the street creds with my hacker buddies!

: Please consider adding our link to your site on your page:
: http://www.nmrc.org/project/index.html.

Ok. How about right under the link about Information Anarchy? That
spells class. Do you think that is a good fit?

: Here is our linking information:
: Title: 1031 Exchange
: Description: Leaders in 1031 Exchange, commercial real estate,
: residential land development, and water procurement / distribution
: services
: URL: http://www.swinvest.com/index.shtml

Cool! If I only had some code, then it would be so easy!

: ========== Begin HTML Code ================
: (a href="http://www.swinvest.com/index.shtml" Target="_blank")(b)1031
: Exchange(/b)(/a) Leaders in 1031 Exchange, commercial real estate,
: residential land development, and water procurement / distribution
: services
: ========== End HTML Code ================

Codez! You guys are practically hackers! You got any 0day?

: Let us know when our link is placed and we will post your link in the
: proper category of the resources page listed here:
: http://swinvest.com/resources/index.html.
: Please be sure to include your desired title and description. Your
: link will be posted within hours, however, in some rare cases it may
: take longer.  Please feel free to let me know if you have any
: questions.

Interesting. I looked over the swinvest.com website, and guess what?
That page isn't even linked to from the front page. It is like some type
of mistake since no one is ever going to get to my link from your site.
Maybe you should fix that.

: Thank you for your consideration,
: Karissa Adair
: Cyberactive Marketing, LLC
: 9831 E Bell Rd. #110
: Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Cyberactive Marketing? WTF? You mean you are not SWInvest? Why this is
like you are some type of spammer who is simply trying to increase the
google standing for SWInvest based upon link count. Maybe I should check
this out via google...

Hmm, a posting to news.admin.net-abuse.sightings:

And this post:

And this blogger:

: If you would like not to receive any further communications from
: Cyberactive Marketing, LLC please respond to this email with "Remove"
: in the subject line.

Hey that is a spammer trick! To verify working emails!

<sarcasm mode off>

Look Cyberactive assholes, remove all nmrc.org email addresses from your
spam list. Bear in mind you emailed this request to a HACKER site.

SWIG, wake the fuck up and stop wasting money on crap crosslink methods
to increase the Google link count and your ranking. I guess it never
occurred to Cyberlink that there are actual hackers working at Google
and they are smart enough to figure out this bullshit scam and can
compensate for it. In statistical analysis, this sticks out like a sore
thumb as most of the crosslinks all come from the same sites. Hackers
BUILT search engines. Think about that shit. And of course you happened
across a decent set of hackers here, we usually are helpful and
fun-loving, and work for nice companies securing their crap systems.
Heaven forbid Cyberlink sends this message to some actual bad guys. BTW,
nice touch with simple email addresses of first names on your website.
That part I did like. However I could not copy in Marketing since there
was no reference, so the CEO and CFO will have to do (I did copy in
Michelle though, because damn, she is smoking hot -- Michelle, nice pic
on the web site!).

Karissa (or the mailbox/alias associated with this name), note that I
have copied in a couple of the higher ups at SWIG so they can understand
how this type of email can actually create a negative impact.

SWIG, put actual useful and interesting info on your website and get
links the old fashioned way.


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