Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 16:19:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: Cancer Omega (
Subject: Re: new attrition site

Mr. Godfrey:

I'm going to make a few things nice and *sparkling* clear for you.  You'd
best pay close attention because I'm only going to say this once.

1.	The original usenet post that started this fracas was an obvious
	forgery.  Moreover, your claim that the material was libelous,
	while totally beside the point, are ridiculous.  Libel requires
	statements to be made.  The forgery contained no statements.
	(As an aside, you've had ample opportunity to track down the
	forger from the vast number of posts he's forged under my name
	attrition&hl=en&safe=images&sa=N&tab=wg -- yet you've apparently
	done nothing to reign in the original offender.)

2.	You threatened our provider and this site with legal action over
	that post's content in spite of the fact that the post in question
	was an obvious forgery and indeed sent a continent far apart from
	our own.  Indeed, even your second e-mail to us plainly stated
	that you had full knowledge that the original usenet post did not
	originate from our domain.

3.	Your tracking down our former upstream provider clearly
	demonstrates that you have the knowledge and ability to do proper
	lookups on IP addresses.  Thus you cannot claim ignorance over
	the true sender of the original usenet post.

4.	With the plain fact of Item #3 in mind, your threat of legal
	action (as well evidenced on our web site) is a blatant fishing
	expedition to exert undue and unwarranted pressure on our site
	and our former network provider.

5.	With the above in mind, your claims against us are plainly
	frivolous, specious, and totally without merit.

6.	Your continued threats of legal action -- even though our former
	provider and this site, while under our former provider, obliged
	all of your demands without regard to how unreasonable they were
	in a reasonable time frame -- suggests that your actions are
	committed not in good faith, but with ulterior motives.

7.	Under the First Amendment and under the auspices of the Digital
	Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), we are totally at liberty to
	cite, and comment on, these events.

8.	The recent updates to
	were authored by me, not Mr. Martin.

9.	The page you and Mr. Berryhill put up on is a rather
	blatant attempt to malign Brian Martin's name.  In case you are
	not aware (and I see no evidence to support any assertion that
	you are not) that is indeed libel.  Curiously enough, that is the
	very thing you claimed was committed against you from the very

In short, your conduct from the start clearly indicates that you have been
-- and continue to be -- spoiling for a fight; possibly in hopes that you
can somehow financially gain from your actions against us, even though
your continued actions clearly indicate that you are no helpless neophyte
with respect to these technologies and knew full well from the start who
was responsible for the original post. 

So enough with this bellowing.  Put up or shut up.  As the person whose
address was forged in the original usenet post, I am sick to death of your
idiotic tripe.

If you have anything further to send us, it had best be your full and
unqualified apology. 

And yes, this *is* going up on the web page.


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