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From: Laurence Godfrey (
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 03:16:52 +0000
Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: your defamatory posting

:showing you are abusive of the legal system and willing to file suit
:against ANYONE that you don't care for or agree with. 

I have never lost a case yet. That does not suggest that I am "abusive of the
legal system" save to someone who has no understanding whatsoever of it, as
is evident in your case.

:: As to your threat to post this correspondence, thereby repeating the
:: defamatory allegations in question, in the circumstances I will be
:: issuing proceedings in defamation against you without further notice. 
:So you are going to try to sue me, even though I have not posted the
:comments. Thanks, that pretty much confirms exactly what I said above.

I relied on your statement that you were going to do so. Should I not rely on
your statements?

:Worse, you did so KNOWING I was not in the wrong (as you yourself stated in
:followup mail).

Learn to read. I acknowledged that it was "unlikely".

:That is clearly harassment, abuse of the legal system, and overall, it
:makes you a fag.

That is plainly infantile. I usually make the assumption that I am dealing
with adults on the net, unless they say otherwise. In your case, it appears
that I am either dealing with a child or someone who is seriously unwell. I
do not know which.


:Chug cock.

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