From Thu Mar  7 22:44:09 2002
From: security curmudgeon (
To: Laurence Godfrey (
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 21:50:04 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: your defamatory posting

: you wrote:
: :Have you even looked up the definition of libel or slander you dipshit?
: :This post appears to be nothing more than 4 questions. These are not
: :statements, not accusations, just questions.
: :
: I am trained in law and in this respect I can assure you that you are
: completely wrong. There are a number of authorities on this matter. If
: you are not persuaded, I suggest that you ask your own lawyer. 

Sorry, I'm not a little sissy and do not retain a lawyer for every little
side jab leveled at me.

: :The only way they would be defamatory is they were a) true and b) a source
: :of embarassment. Your mail to us suggests that they are at least true.
: As above. I clearly stated in my earlier e-mail that they were false.

Then how is a *question* a defamatory *statement*?

: If you carry out your infantile threats to republish the statements
: complained of I will without further notice issue legal proceedings

Oh, so your threats of lawsuit against us are mature, yet our "threats" of
posting your mail are infantile? How does that work?

: against your company. Mine are not idle threats - I have been successful
: in defamation proceedings several times in the past, including against

I've read the relevant information on that. Different case, different
scenario, different people. Winning that doesn't mean you will win every
single time your feel offended.

: US companies. In any event, I strongly suggest that you obtain legal is not a company.

: advice before doing anything for which you will ultimately be held
: liable. 

I will be posting all of our mail. You have no right to send us legal
threats and then demand that the mail be exclusive to us. There is no law
that that demands such a thing where I live.

Why did you feel the need to respond twice anyway? If you are this easily
riled up, perhaps the Internet is not the best place for you?

What a fag.

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