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Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 02:05:07 +0000
Subject: Fwd: Re: your defamatory posting

you wrote:

:Have you even looked up the definition of libel or slander you dipshit?
:This post appears to be nothing more than 4 questions. These are not
:statements, not accusations, just questions.

I am trained in law and in this respect I can assure you that you are
completely wrong. There are a number of authorities on this matter. If you
are not persuaded, I suggest that you ask your own lawyer.

:The only way they would be defamatory is they were a) true and b) a source
:of embarassment. Your mail to us suggests that they are at least true.

As above. I clearly stated in my earlier e-mail that they were false.

If you carry out your infantile threats to republish the statements
complained of I will without further notice issue legal proceedings against
your company. Mine are not idle threats - I have been successful in
defamation proceedings several times in the past, including against US
companies. In any event, I strongly suggest that you obtain legal advice
before doing anything for which you will ultimately be held liable.

Laurence Godfrey

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