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From: Laurence Godfrey (
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 00:42:00 +0000
Subject: your defamatory posting

On 5 March 2002 you published on the usenet newsgroups sci.physics,
and nz.general an article (copy enclosed below) in which you make false and
highly defamatory allegations about me. As you are no doubt aware, the
newsgroups in question are read by a large number of internet users,
particularly in England where my reputation is based and where I live and
carry out my work.
Your statements were calculated to disparage and damage me professionally, as
well as personally. I have been advised that these are serious and actionable
libels and that I would be entitled to substantial general and aggravated
damages if I were to issue proceedings in the Court for publication of your
defamatory statements. 
I am not prepared to let your false allegations pass unchallenged and
uncorrected and accordingly I require:
(1)    An apology to be published by you on the newsgroups in terms to be
(2)    An undertaking that you will not publish the same or similar
defamatory allegations in the future;
(3)    A Statement in Open Court, in terms to be agreed, publicly retracting
your false statements;
(4)    Payment of my legal costs and damages in this matter in a sum to be
Unless I receive satisfactory proposals to the terms set out in this letter
within seven days, I will issue proceedings in the English High Court without
further notice.

Laurence Godfrey

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1 - What did you do with all the money you have received in court cases? 

2 - Are you a homosexual? 

3 - Have you ever paid for sex? 

4 - Have you ever had a relationship with a student?

[rest snipped. you can see full thread via 
this google link]

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Dr. Laurence Godfrey

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