Nepen (03/21/2007 8:22:34 PM): I don't think I had read any /recent/ fiction until today. 
It's all been nonfiction and very old  stuff, at least in the last 10 years.

Nepen (03/21/2007 8:22:46 PM): TIME [which we get for free, so I read it while smoking] had an excerpt of a new book

Nepen (03/21/2007 8:22:51 PM): It has to be the worst thing I've ever read

Nepen (03/21/2007 8:24:25 PM):,9171,1597746,00.html It's like he tried to 
cram every single thing about the time in two pages, include every analogy to today, throw in a few topical comments 
encased in words of the day, and then encase it in an opium haze, and basically write that chapter solely so others 
could read it in TIME

Nepen (03/21/2007 8:25:38 PM): I was kinda into it for the picture of the era except the writing just got worse and 
worse and ended in a blaze of zomgwordofthedaypuffofoverlyfictionalmetaphors

Nepen (03/21/2007 8:26:02 PM): Sensory overload and bad writing

Lyger (03/21/2007 8:26:16 PM): kinda like your im's

Nepen (03/21/2007 8:26:23 PM): heh, touche

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