For those who don't know, d2d does quite a bit of work on different projects. Jericho works on the same projects. Worlds collide.

[10-06 14:32] jericho: ping

[10-06 14:32] d2d: DONT MAKE ME RAPE YOU

[10-06 14:32] jericho: a question first, before my daily demands!

[10-06 14:32] jericho: missing cve page. can i 'associate' with multiple osvdb id via comma delimits?

[10-06 14:35] d2d: no

[10-06 14:35] jericho: i hate you

[10-06 14:36] jericho: todays demands will mostly center around oral pleasure, not bug fixes then

[10-06 14:36] d2d: good, ass deep in cvss, have been all day.

[10-06 19:57] jericho: hey cockslap

[10-06 19:57] d2d: hey dickwad.

[10-06 19:58] jericho: cloning fixed?

[10-06 19:58] d2d: can you test it there?

[10-06 19:58] jericho: testing sec

[10-06 19:59] jericho: btw its "Cloning" not "Cloneing"

[10-06 20:01] d2d: yeah yeah, I know.  someday I'll change it, but then you'll have less to bitch about.

[10-18 15:44] d2d: fixed, shit that one sucked.

[10-18 15:49] jericho: what was it

[10-18 15:53] d2d: I had stupidly made a copy of the file that handles mail processing, named it mail_processor_2

[10-18 15:54] d2d: thinking that would just put it aside

[10-18 15:54] d2d: but, it gets read second, and overrides everything from the first

[10-18 15:54] d2d: so I'm making changes, and not seeing them take place

[10-18 15:54] d2d: and kicking myself thinking some magical fairies have taken over my code

[10-18 15:55] jericho: interesting

[10-18 15:55] jericho: ill go with the magical fairy theory

[10-27 19:09] d2d: ASSLICKER

[10-27 19:09] d2d: (prone to outbursts of rage)

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