Lyger sent d2d Omaha Steaks meats for x-mas one year. apparently, d2d had other (perverse) thoughts...

Lyger (12/06/2007 4:51:52 PM): d2d (12/06/2007 4:51:15 PM): you rule

d2d (12/06/2007 4:51:19 PM):   FUCKING UNDERLINES STILL

d2d (12/06/2007 4:51:34 PM):   there, gone

Lyger (12/06/2007 4:51:41 PM): for all the work you do

Lyger (12/06/2007 4:51:45 PM): this meat's for you

[12-06 15:53] jericho: dood, lyger sending you hot dogs is the virtual
              foot tapping and humming under the bathroom stall

[12-06 15:53] d2d: I know it is. Pretty sure he wants me.  Hell I know he does.

[12-06 15:53] jericho: it starts with frozen meat...

[12-06 15:54] d2d: before I know it, I'll be slathered in crisco

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