Lyger (12:44:31 AM): haven't worked on a new postal yet, was going to wait for another update before starting

Nepen (12:44:51 AM): I'll keep that in mind then and try to get it done as quickly as possible

Lyger (12:45:50 AM): you have 14.7 minutes

Lyger (12:45:53 AM): time's ticking

Nepen (12:46:06 AM): And if I go curl up in bed instead?

Nepen (12:46:10 AM): For 14.8 minutes?

Lyger (12:46:32 AM): then i get to eat your soul

Lyger (12:46:35 AM): or something

Nepen (12:46:39 AM): Good luck

Nepen (12:46:45 AM): I'd say that's a very fair deal

Nepen (12:46:51 AM): You'll have to go track down the guy I sold it to

Lyger (12:47:08 AM): i have him on speed dial and in another chat window

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