From: Pete (
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 04:08:58 -0700
Subject: going postal

and here is yet another addition of "going postal".

is has been nearly a 6 months since I got dumbass email like this,
at least it is better reading then spam.

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Hi, Peter!

After hours & hours of searching the web, I came
across a site with your bio.  I am so impressed &
feel somewhat silly for even bothering someone
with your credentials.

Peter, I have some questions, and don't know where
to turn & who to trust.

I am 6 months pregnant with twins.  The man I was
seeing was inbetween a relationship with my neigh-
bor.  She apparently hired a P.I., set me up as the
person who was checking on him, which destroyed
any trust he had in me.  I can't afford a P.I. to help
me prove otherwise.

I was wondering if there was some way to place some
thing on her computer that would be just enough to
make him wonder if she had been honest?  I don't
have access to her computer, that's what led me to
this research.

I know this sounds like a letter to Dear Abby, & I'm
sorry.  I figured you're human, too.  I'm trying to wrap
up selling my house, make peace with him for the
sake of these babies, move away, start over, alone.

Is there anything I can do, any suggestions, can you

Thank you.

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