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From: Small Grey (munge@attrition.org)
To: mememe56@hushmail.com
Cc: Criminals (staff@attrition.org)
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 02:08:34 -0500
Subject: Re: Hypocritical Attrition.org

mememe56@hushmail.com [mememe56@hushmail.com]
 staggered from the flesh-eating rain and gurgled:

> Oh so now I am supposed to think your misogynistic little sig was funny?
>  I don't think so.  Since when is murdering another human being funny?
> Oh...I know ... when it is a woman right?  (That's basically the definition
> of misogyny).

  I don't see how the sig was misogynistic.  JerkCity is
pretty much equal-opportunity when it comes to insults.  No,
that's not the definition of misogynistic:


  You need to show that JerkCity is misogynistic.  I don't think
it is.  You would then need to show that not just JerkCity is
misogynistic but that I am.  But, alas, you're a retard and can't
figure this all out yourself[0].

> And yes, I called you an asshole, I said I wouldn't resort to that but I
> did.

  Because you're a hypocritical cock-sucking retard.

> You keep insulting me and it makes any kind of real discussion with you
> impossible.   Also you keep saying things that are 100% off the mark.  You
> don't know me at all.  You are just grasping at straws.  Your real motive
> here is to insult, not a real discussion or anything.  I guess it makes
> you feel better about yourself when you can say things like that to other
> people.  But the truth is, it just shows what you are all about, which is
> hiding your inferiority complex.

  You lick dick: slurp slurp slurp

> Yes, but what is the purpose of the insults?  They are not necessary to
> any real argument.

  You should know, you hypocritical corn-holio ass-ramming bitch.

> >  The -only- evidence you can cite for our glorification of
> >defacers is running this mirror?  Yes, but?  Very weak.  See
> >below.
> Why is it very weak?  You make a statement with nothing to back it up.

  Uh, see below you hypocrital turd jousting sack of shit.

> >1) Historical.  Having an archive of web site defacements is
> >a valuable reference that is used by researchers, law
> >enforcement and security professionals.
> Do they pay you for this service?

  No, we do this as a public service, felching shit sucker.

> >2) Statistical.  Summarizations of Operating System, web servers,
> >and Top Level Domains are also used by industry, security
> >professionals, even the government and military.
> Does anyone pay you for this service?

  See above.  Get your hand off your crotch and scroll up, dumb


> And that is a total bullshit.  You called me a moron.  Admit it.

  After you met certain minimal conditions, yes.  But in the
first case, not at all.  But you're a clueless fuck and
couldn't see that, even when I have painly 'splained
it to you.


> >  I love weak sarcasm.  Sure, send that glossary along.
> Weak sarcasm?  There is an insult right there.

  Unlike the hypocrital dip shit I am replying to, I didn't claim
I wouldn't insult you.  Also, you were being inulting in the
first place by saying perhaps you should send me a glossary in
your next reply, you stinking pole smoker.


> >Actually, you are working both sides of the word hacker.  Let's
> >go ahead and replace "hackers" with what you now claim to mean,
> >"illegal hackers":
> Now you try to recover from making a silly mistake.

  No, I carefully quoted you, then I requoted you with your
sentence back to you with your claimed definition of the word.
Don't like it?  Tough shit, Queen Queef.


> >  But we haven't created a site all about illegal hacking.
> >And if that is indeed what you meant, it's trivial to demonstrate
> >that you're just wrong.  But given your reply, I don't see much
> >of a reason to continue a discussion with you.  You're incapable
> >of carrying an argument and have to resort to name calling.

> Oh, where on your site do you have things for the legal hackers?  Do you
> mirror their sites too?

  There's a lot of material at Attrition.org that has nothing
to do with our mirror.  Perhaps you should stop slurping cock
for a moment and figure that out.


> >  Your stupid little straw man is destroyed.
> Yes, unlike you, I can learn from a discussion with others.

I think you have already demonstrated you're a hypocrital moron,
without two neurons to rub together.  You haven't learned anything

> >  You're really grasping here.  JerkCity is a comic strip.
> >Please grow up.  And grow a brain stem.
> I don't think it is funny.  How would you like me to make a joke about burying
> you?  Would you think that was funny?  How about a joke about murdering
> men?  Or black people?  That wouldn't be funny would it?

  Fuck you; die, cunt.


> I find the supposed intellectual group of hackers ("good hackers and bad
> hackers"...duh) to be a lot less educated than your average high school
> football player when it comes to women.  At least the football player has
> had sex with one.  I can't even go on to a lot of the so called techie sites
> without seeing some kind of bullshit on there like this.

  As if I care to carry on a dialogue with your lame ass any longer.

> And what gets me is you paint yourself as somehow better than other people
> (just like on the going postal pages).  But the fact is you are not better
> than anyone.  You have no higher morals or caring for anyone other than
> yourself.    And you tell me to lighten up about a joke about murdering
> a woman.  I mean you just have no conscience whatsoever.  Nor do you know
> the difference between right and wrong.  I wouldn't be surprised to find
> that you are one of the illegal hackers.  You fit the sociopathic profile.
>  Also you really should get some professional help.

  shut the fuck up, trying to reroute the Pentagon's packets!
  w00t, y0 y0 y0 so 0wn3d, dude.
  how about a nice game of chess, be0tch?

> Yes, but I am not an idiot.  My moral indignation is real.

  Death to all wimmins!  Let's all hack da planet!  huh huh
  huh huh.

  Fuck you, gash,


[0] The aptly named "me", true to sh/he/it's name, is being a
dick and has completed dropped the discussion.  I reply with a
burlesque of sh/he/it's projected image of me.

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